Regarding the amendment of the Immigration Control and Refuge Law, which is being deliberated in the Diet, a statement opposed by university professors who are familiar with immigration policy was put together and requested to be abolished as "it is a'improvement'that further drives immigrants and refugees."

About 500 people, including university professors and refugee supporters who are familiar with immigration and refugee policies, agreed with the statement, and on the 14th, callers and others held a press conference in Tokyo.

The amendment to the Immigration Control and Refuge Law, which reviews the deportation of foreigners who have been deported, includes that refugee applications can be deported even during the procedure for the third and subsequent applications. ..

The statement pointed out that it would be against the spirit of the 1951 Convention to make such exceptions, saying, "The amendment does not solve the current problems, except for'improvement'that further drives migrants, refugees and stateless persons. I'm not anyone, "and I'm asking you to discontinue it.

One of the callers, Professor Eriko Suzuki of Kokushikan University, who specializes in immigration policy, said, "While accepting many foreigners to secure a labor force, there was insufficient discussion on how to live together. It has led to the existence of foreigners who have no circumstances. It is our thought that it is okay to have a society that tries to drive them out without discussing appropriate immigration policies. "