China News Service, Fuzhou, May 10 (Reporter Long Min) Fujian Provincial Department of Emergency Management and Fujian Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau recently notified that on April 2nd, Fujian Wuping County Longfa Coal Development Co., Ltd. Jianliaokeng Coal Mine (hereinafter referred to as "Jianliao Keng Coal Mine") A roof accident occurred, causing 2 deaths.

According to preliminary investigation and analysis, the Jianliao Keng coal mine has organized workers' production operations outside the scope of the mining license of the mine without the approval of the resumption of work and production, failed to report the accident to the relevant departments within the specified time, and organized personnel to forge the location of the accident. Violations of laws and regulations such as on-site and other violations have very bad effects.

  On April 22, the special meeting of the "4.2" roof accident investigation team of Jianliaokeng Coal Mine was held in Longyan City.

The meeting emphasized that a roof accident occurred in the Jianliao Keng coal mine in Wuping County during the Qingming holiday, which fully exposed the failure to implement the main responsibility of coal mine enterprises in the safety production of coal mines in Fujian Province, individual coal mine enterprises cross-border and steal resources, organize production in violation of laws and regulations, On-site safety management of mining face is chaotic, local governments and regulatory agencies are not in place to implement supervision responsibilities, supervision and law enforcement focus on form and neglect effects, and find problems such as insufficient capacity.

  In response to the above-mentioned accident exposure, the Fujian Provincial Emergency Management Department and the Fujian Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau require that, by inferences from one another, and based on the actual situation, a comprehensive analysis of the loopholes and shortcomings in the mine’s safety production work, pay close attention to rectification and implementation, and resolutely follow the law Run mines to ensure safe production.

All localities should urge coal mining enterprises to learn lessons from recent coal mine accidents, carry out in-depth investigations of coal mine safety production, highlight major disasters such as water hazards, fires, gas, and roof fall, and carry out self-examination and self-improvement one by one.