On the afternoon of May 9th, the novel "Everest Conch" debuted at the Everest Base Camp.

The novel is nearly 500,000 words. It takes the protagonist Yingfu's three-day experience before and after climbing Mount Everest as the basic frame. By telling the story of his experience before climbing Mount Everest and his struggle with the current life and death dilemma, it constructs a film that contains Wonderful works with multiple elements such as extreme peak exploration, business ups and downs, emotional entanglements and so on.

  The author Huang Nubo is a PhD in Literature from Peking University and has published more than ten collections of poems and essays.

At the same time, he has completed the climbing of the peaks of the seven continents and reached the north and south poles on foot, and climbed Mount Everest three times.

  Huang Nubo said that every time he climbs the summit of Mount Everest, he has to rely on the help of local mountain guides. Every climbing experience with each of them is an important source of creation for this novel.

Therefore, he "moved" the starter to the Mount Everest base camp, just to thank the "release" of Mount Everest and the mountain guide for helping to climb Mount Everest.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of China's society and economy, more and more people have paid attention to Mount Everest, experienced Mount Everest and climbed to the top of the world with their feet. Mountaineering has developed into a large-scale industry in Tibet.

(Reporter Gunsan Ram)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]