As the number of confirmed infections with the new coronavirus has increased rapidly nationwide, vaccinations and vaccination reservations for the elderly have begun in earnest throughout the country to prevent infection.

However, of the approximately 36 million elderly people eligible for priority vaccination, less than 1% of the total have completed the first vaccination as of 9th of this month.

On the 10th, the National Governors' Association put together an urgent proposal to the country calling for all possible support for securing health care workers to accelerate vaccination.

Regarding the vaccine for the new coronavirus, inoculation to medical professionals has been promoted since February, and from the 12th of last month, inoculation to elderly people aged 65 and over has started by the end of this year.

And from the 10th of this month, it started in earnest all over the country.

Mass inoculation for the elderly Starts at 3 facilities Oita

Of these, Oita City has begun mass inoculation of approximately 70,000 elderly people aged 75 and over who have not entered the facility in the city at three dedicated facilities.

Elderly people who booked in advance visited the venue of "Oita Children's Hospital" in Katashima, Oita City at the same time as the reception started at 9:30 am, measured body temperature, had an interview, and then received vaccination. I did.

A 76-year-old woman who received the vaccination said, "Recently, the number of infected people is increasing in Oita City, so I was relieved to be able to get the vaccine."

On the other hand, Oita City started accepting reservations via telephone and the Internet on the 10th for individual vaccinations at medical institutions starting on the 24th of this month, but it was difficult to connect to any of them from the morning.

Start inoculation to all applicants over 16 years old Wakayama Kitayama Village

On the other hand, in Kitayama Village, Wakayama Prefecture, which has a population of about 430, we started simultaneous inoculation on the 10th to all the residents aged 16 and over who wished.

Wakayama Prefecture distributes vaccines to local governments in units of one box, and one box was delivered to Kitayama Village on the 2nd of this month for priority vaccination of the elderly.

There is enough vaccine for 975 people to get vaccinated once, but in a village with a population of about 430, people aged 16 and over, and about 320 people will get a surplus even if they get two doses. The village has decided to inoculate all applicants at once.

On the 10th, residents who had booked a clinic in the village in advance visited one after another, were interviewed, and were vaccinated.

According to the village, all applicants are scheduled to complete the two vaccinations by the 5th of next month, and we are considering providing the surplus vaccine to the neighboring local governments.

A man in his 50s who finished the vaccination with his mother in his 80s said, "I rarely go out of the village, but I am very grateful that my parents and children hit it together."

Full-scale acceptance of inoculation reservations

We are also in full swing to accept reservations for new coronavirus vaccinations for the elderly.

Every municipality accepts reservations over the phone and the Internet, but instead of the elderly who are unfamiliar with the Internet, city officials make reservations and place part-time college students to support them. I will.

Reservation on the Internet Staff will act on your behalf Saitama Sayama

In Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, reservations have begun to be accepted by telephone and the Internet from the 10th for more than 13,000 elderly people aged 80 and over, including those who will turn 80 this year.

City officials went to about 60 places such as the meeting place, and at the Maeda meeting place, the staff asked about the medical institution and the date and time they wanted to receive the vaccination and entered it on the tablet terminal.

A 90-year-old woman who visited said, "I was relieved because I didn't know how to make a reservation and was thinking of stopping vaccination."

A male employee of the city who responded said, "I would like to respond in a friendly manner, such as explaining each one carefully."

Part-time students support reservations Fukushima

In Fukushima City, part-time college students who support online reservations have been assigned to city halls and other places.

Part-time college students were assigned to the main government building of Fukushima City Hall and four branch offices.

Of these, more than 70 elderly people visited the main government building, where two students were stationed, by 11:00 am, and the city staff hurriedly helped, but they were unable to respond.

The reservation site was in a state where access was concentrated and it was difficult to connect, so work was delayed and many people were waiting to wait in line.

About an hour and a half after the reservations started, a woman in her 80s who was waiting in the lobby said, "I want to get the vaccine for a little peace of mind, so I've been waiting 30 minutes before the start. I'm surprised because it's not over. "

Kazuki Kanazawa, a third-year student at Fukushima University, said, "I want to help the elderly as much as possible, and I have lost my part-time job due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so I decided to participate. I want to teach you in an easy-to-understand manner." I did.

Inoculation of elderly people is less than 1%

The latest results on vaccination against the new coronavirus were announced by the government on the 10th.

About 2.94 million people, or 60% of the total, have completed the first vaccination, but of the approximately 36 million elderly people who are eligible for priority vaccination, those who have completed the first vaccination By the 9th, it is still less than 1% of the total.

National Governors' Association to provide all kinds of support for accelerating inoculation by securing medical staff

Following the extension of the state of emergency, the National Governors' Association meeting was held on the 10th, and the governors voiced concerns about the spread of the mutant virus.

And the Governors' Association has put together an urgent recommendation to the country to control the infection to a level that does not easily re-expand and to provide all support to secure health care workers to accelerate vaccination. ..

To understand asymptomatic infected people Large-scale PCR test Hiroshima

On the other hand, Hiroshima Prefecture wants to know who is infected even if they have no symptoms, and is particularly concerned about the spread of infection. Large-scale PCR tests targeting 560,000 people at offices in Hiroshima and Fukuyama. Started on the 10th.

Infection is spreading rapidly in Hiroshima prefecture, and the prefecture is calling for strengthening of infection control as a "concentrated countermeasure period" from the 8th.

Under these circumstances, the prefecture targeted about 560,000 people working at more than 10 offices in Hiroshima City and Fukuyama City, where there is particular concern about the spread of infection because they want to know who is infected even if they have no symptoms. We started a large-scale PCR test on the 10th.

Of these, at the professional baseball "Hiroshima" office in Hiroshima City, samples for about 1,500 people containing saliva from staff and staff working at the stadium were collected, and the person in charge of the prefecture visited for collection.

The inspection period varies from region to region, starting on the 19th of this month in Fukuyama City and on the 20th of this month in four wards, including Nishi Ward in Hiroshima City.

The inspection is voluntary, and the prefecture estimates that half of the subjects, about 280,000, will receive it.

A part-time man who submitted the sample said, "I'm worried about myself, and I'm not allowed to infect anyone, so I came to receive it."

Acting owner Kazuhiro Matsuda of professional baseball "Hiroshima" said, "I called on the staff to cooperate with the inspection as much as possible. Since it is a place where many people gather, it is best to operate with staff who can confirm negative. I want to do it. "

The number of infected people nationwide

The number of confirmed infections nationwide has been increasing recently, reaching 7251 on the 8th of this month, exceeding 7,000 since January 16th.

Severely ill person updated record high

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of people who have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus and who are being treated in a respirator or intensive care unit will reach a record high of 1152 on the 10th. , The situation is further accelerating the tightness of the medical care provision system.