Found about 40 bodies on the banks of the River Ganges

Dozens of suspected Covid-19 victims were washed away by water on the banks of the Ganges River in northern India, and the horrific scenes shocked local residents as well as on Indian social media.

Dozens of bodies were seen floating in the river in Chosa town, Bihar state, before piling up on the banks, terrifying residents.

The officials stated that the bodies were washed away by water from the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh and are for Corona virus victims whose relatives, because they are poor, were unable to pay the costs of cremation and then disposed of them by throwing them into the river.

"Between 35 and 40 bodies have been detected, and many of them could be Covid-19 victims," ​​local official Naval Kant told the German news agency (dpa) from Chusa. River, but the number is high due to a deadly disease outbreak. "

He added, "The bodies were swollen because they had been in the water for at least four to five days, explaining that the administration disposed of them."

Local media reported that there was a state of panic in Chosa and neighboring towns over infection from corpses and river water.

"People are afraid of catching Covid. We have to bury the bodies," Narendra Kumar, one of the villagers, told NDTV.