Doctors at Okayama City Civic Hospital, one of the designated medical institutions for infectious diseases that are actively accepting patients with the new coronavirus, are in a situation where even young people are becoming more serious due to the spread of the mutant virus. He pointed out that it was different, and expressed a sense of crisis, saying, "It is safe to have a situation in which medical care completely collapses tomorrow."

Okayama Municipal Municipal Hospital in Kita-ku, Okayama City has secured 28 beds for the treatment of the new coronavirus, but as of the 10th, 26 people including 6 seriously ill patients were hospitalized, and it was barely possible. Operation is continuing.

Deputy Director Kenji Imajo told NHK about the spread of the mutant virus, which is said to have strong infectivity. It seems that there are cases in which even people in their thirties who do not have an underlying disease become severely ill and endanger their lives.

On top of that, people who were mildly ill may suddenly become severely ill, or those who have been discharged from the hospital may become hospitalized again due to worsening symptoms. It's not strange, "he said.