Dali, Yunnan, fell into the Erhai Lake while taking water. One of the wounded on the plane was sent to a doctor for rescue.

  Beijing News (Reporter Liu Ruiming) At about 10:20 on May 10, a helicopter in Dali, Yunnan, accidentally crashed while fetching water from the Erhai Lake and crashed into the Erhai Lake.

At about 14 o'clock, the staff of the 75th Army Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in Dali City told the Beijing News that a person on board was currently rescued in their hospital.

  A staff member of the 120 hotline in Dali told the Beijing News that four people were on board the crashed helicopter, and the injured have been sent to the nearby 75th Army Hospital for rescue.

  Many villagers near the place where the helicopter crashed into the sea told the Beijing News that after the incident, many villagers brought tools, drove boats, and wore life jackets to the rescue.

A local villager said that the scene has been blocked by the police and rescuers are working on the scene.

  The staff of the Dali Emergency Management Bureau said that the rescue is still in progress.

The Beijing News reporter has not yet verified the situation of the rest of the personnel on board.

  The Beijing News previously reported that the Propaganda Department of the Dali Municipal Party Committee announced on its official Weibo that according to the Dali Emergency Management Bureau’s report, at about 10:20 am on May 10, it was in the forest of Dashaba Mountain in Wanqiao Village, Wanqiao Town, Dali City. During the fire protection and humidification operations, a helicopter accidentally fell into the Erhai Lake during the process of taking water. Dali Prefecture and the city quickly initiated emergency plans.

At present, rescue teams such as maritime, firefighting and medical are doing their best to carry out rescue work on the spot.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.