Anne Roumanoff and her band received on Monday in "It feels good" Anne Goscinny for volume 6 of her illustrated short stories "The world of Lucrèce".

The daughter of the creator of Asterix recounts her emotion at the upcoming adaptation by Alain Chabat of the adventures of the little Gaul in an animated series for Netflix.


It is not a validation, it is a dubbing.

19 years after having carried out

Asterix and Obelix mission 

Cleopatra, Alain Chabat will adapt the stories of the irreducible Gallic village into an animated series for Netflix.

A news which is extremely pleasing to Anne Goscinny, daughter of René Goscinny, creator of Asterix.

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"He will stretch the plot of an Asterix album,

Le combat des chefs

. And he will do Alain Chabat" explains Anne Goscinny about the current project for Netflix.

"Of all the adaptations of Asterix that there have been, obviously,

Mission Cleopatra

is the best. We all agree on that," she says.

"But beyond being the best, my father could have written it."

"Are you doing spiritualism, or how's it going !?"

And it is this closeness of mind between Alain Chabat and René Goscinny that particularly touches Anne Goscinny, who finds much of her father in the work of the owner of the 

Burger Quiz


“Listen, are you doing spiritualism, or how's it going !? It's not possible” she asked Alain Chabat when the film came out.

"All of my father's humor was there, declined by Alain."


For Anne Goscinny, "Alain Chabat understood everything in the mind" of Asterix

A "hyper moving" moment that Anne Goscinny anticipates reliving with Alain Chabat's project for Netflix. "I think that in my life as an orphan, this is what happened to me most moving," she said. "I am his biological daughter. This is his spiritual son." Alain Chabat's animated series should be available on Netflix in 2023.