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The transition from combustion vehicle to zero emissions has no reverse gear.

Now, the


more than ever centers on

when the electric car will be more profitable than a gasoline or electric one.

One of the great barriers today of the electric car continues to be its




up to 30% more expensive than its equivalent in combustion.

A study carried out by BloombergNEF (BNEF) for Transport & Environment affirms that in the period 2025-2027 the parity between a combustion car and a gasoline one would already be possible.

According to BNEF projections,

from 2026 it will be just as cheap to produce sedans

(segments C and D) and electric SUVs as their gasoline equivalents,




(segment B)

will be in that situation

from 2027.

Thanks to lower battery prices

and to the production lines

specialized in electric vehicles, their average price will be cheaper

even without taking into account public aid and subsidies from European governments


Dacia will launch the

Dacia Spring

at the end of the year in Spain

With the aid of up to 7,000 euros from the Moves III plan for the purchase of electric vehicles, it will start at a price of

10,350 euros

, an even lower cost according to versions

of the petrol

Fiat 500

, the leader in this segment.

Lower the cost of batteries

The data they handle in Transport & Environment, as well as those of vehicle manufacturers affirm in this sense that batteries, the component that accounts for 40% of the price of an electric, would

lower its price by 58% in 2030 in relation to 2020.

Not only would its cost be lower, but with the generation of solid batteries, its capacity and energy value would increase by up to 50% compared to current ones.

The BNEF report concludes for this reason that

"battery electric vehicles could account for 100% of new vehicle sales across the EU by the year 2035

, provided that


adopt appropriate policies and measures, such as setting targets. more demanding CO2 ".

It should not be forgotten that we are dealing with a report prepared for an organization that is a champion of the reduction of emissions and air quality.

Hence, it promotes more demanding emissions targets for 2025 to the European Union.

Especially after the leak by the VDA, the German vehicle manufacturers association, that the European Commission is going to relax the NOx emission restrictions for combustion vehicles (diesel, gasoline, gas and hybrids)

of the 10 mg / km initially set at 30 mg / km in the Euro 7 emissions standard.

This regulation should be ready in 2025 and applied at the latest in 2027. The current Euro 6D-Temp emissions standard

requires 60 mg / km and 80 mg / km for gasoline and diesel cars,



The BNEF report explains that 100% electric light commercial vehicles, the typical delivery vans of Amazon or El Corte Inglés and Mercadona,

will be cheaper than diesel vans from 2025, and that the same will happen with heavy vans from 2026


This type of vehicle currently has a 2% market share.

The supply of these zero emission vans has increased exponentially this year and next.

Stellantis will

already manufacture in the second half of this year at its

Vigo plant

, the four electric variants of the K9 project: the

Citroën eBerlingo

, the

Peugeot ePartner,


Opel Combo e

and the

Toyota Proace City Electric


Renault will put the

Kangoo ZE

on the market


Nissan the 250 EV

- which will replace the


- and Mercedes-Benz the




And in delivery vans, Stellantis already offers the Citroën eSpaceTourer, the Peugeot e-Traveler or the Toyota Proace Eléctric, along with the

Mercedes-Benz eVito and EQV, made in the plant that the star's firm has in Vitoria


to mention the variety of models.


Hyundai is testing 2,000 hydrogen trucks

with a freight delivery company in Switzerland.

To achieve a greater penetration of the electric vehicle in the goods,

the equalization of diesel

to gasoline by eliminating its current bonus, will play a vital role.

In the document sent by the Government to Brussels on the Recovery and Resilience plan, it is said that this will occur from 2022.

More expensive diesel

In the letter sent, it is not mentioned at any time that the diesel tax credit would continue for carriers and freight logistics professionals.

If diesel becomes more expensive, the price of the electric van becomes cheaper,

the total operating cost of the latter would be even before 2025 more profitable than diesel


"When making a closed route, public charging points are not necessary since the vehicle does its service and charges at the base," they explain from Aedive.

It must also be taken into account that as

of January 1, 2023, cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants will have low-emission areas

in their urban centers that provide for strong restrictions on combustion vehicles.

In this sense, from Anfac, the Spanish employers' association of car manufacturers explains that in the commercial vehicle there will be a strong advance in zero-emission vehicles and that it would be favorable to rejuvenate a fleet that in

Spain has more than 15 years of experience. antiquity and that 95% are diesel.

In such a way that by


, the lower cost of batteries, the multiplication of public recharging points - they will exceed 125,000 posts that year according to the Government -, tax exemptions and rebates and the absence of restrictions on electric vehicles, they will make, especially in large cities,

the 100% electric vehicle more profitable than acquiring a diesel, gasoline or gas combustion one


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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