Author: Li Xiaoyu

  The first China International Consumer Goods Fair is being held in Haikou.

Exhibitors from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in the Mainland have come up with "Housekeeping Baby". What are they selling?

Beijing: Selling classics

  The Beijing Pavilion includes Daoxiang Village, Pianyifang, Caibai Jewelry, Yidege, Tongrentang and many other well-known classic brands.

  Among them, Caibai Jewelry exhibited three royal cultural series jewellery, namely the Forbidden City joint model which symbolizes the auspicious culture of the palace, the IP model of the Temple of Heaven which represents blessings and the Summer Palace cooperation model which symbolizes the inheritance of Yi ornaments.

The appearance of these royal cultural series jewelry made the innovative Chinese traditional cultural crafts shine.

  The picture shows the Arctic Ocean soda on display in the Beijing Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Jiangxi: Selling inheritance

  The Jiangxi Pavilion is divided into six themes of "Millennium Porcelain Rhyme, Scented Tea, Taste and Heart, Ingenuity, Smart Engine, and Intangible Cultural Heritage". The exhibits are also full of historical heritage.

  For example, in the Millennium Porcelain Rhyme District, 19 ceramic companies exhibited the charm of Chinese ceramic culture one by one.

The "Hongye" brand products of Jingtao Group represent the highest level of China's daily-use ceramics and are known as "modern official kilns"; the "Intangible Heritage Flower" area displays summer cloth embroidery that originated in the Northern Song Dynasty and spread among the people.

  The picture shows the Jingdezhen ceramic art exhibited in the Jiangxi Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Fujian: Selling fine products

  "Fujian products, Tesco Fujian" is the key word of the Fujian Pavilion.

Guyun Fujian has three treasures-"Shoushan Stone", "Oolong Tea" and "Pien Tze Huang". In fact, the good things in Fujian are far more than these three.

In this Consumer Expo, Fujian will hold a special "Fujian Goods Promotion Conference", inviting many key enterprises including Jiumu, Sevenwolves, Bama Tea and other key enterprises to participate, as a "platform" for well-known local products.

  The picture shows visitors tasting Wuyi rock tea at the Fujian Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Shanxi: Selling "Health"

  In the Shanxi Pavilion, there are a dazzling array of healthy foods such as small grains, oat products, day lily, high-end linseed oil, and sea buckthorn, as well as many Chinese medicines, flower nectars, and medicinal teas.

"Kangyang Shanxi, Xiayang Shanxi" is one of the themes of Shanxi's exhibition.

   The picture shows visitors learning about Fenjiu related products in Shanxi Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Inner Mongolia: selling characteristics

  The key word for the Inner Mongolia Pavilion is "features".

Some exhibitors brought a series of white mushroom sauce made with grassland specialty white mushrooms as the main raw material, some exhibited their own brand cashmere clothing, and some took Mongolian clothing as the core to build a creative design, A complete industrial chain from production to handicraft training to database construction.

  The picture shows the camel milk powder exhibited in the Inner Mongolia Pavilion attracting the attention of visitors.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Liaoning: Selling gourmet food

  Liaoning exhibited a large number of local specialties, such as canned food such as Shenyang stewed stewed spine and sauerkraut, chicken stewed with mushrooms and other canned foods, as well as selenium-enriched millet from Chaoyang City, Jinzhou Lily Xiaocai, Benxi Huanlong Lake wine, etc. Brand-named specialty consumer products.

  The picture shows the wooden ship model made by Panjin Yuanhang Shipyard on display in the Liaoning Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Ningxia: Selling Color

  Ningxia not only has red goji berries, but also purple wine, white jade-like tan lamb, and colorful eight-treasure tea... Ningxia Pavilion is like a colorful "palette", showing a beautiful new product with rich products and diverse resources. Ningxia.

  The picture shows the wine from Silver Highland Winery from the eastern foot of Helan Mountain on display in the Ningxia Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Qinghai: Selling Natural

  The Qinghai Pavilion exhibits include dairy products, plateau characteristic agricultural and livestock products and deep-processed products, and ecological drinks, such as wolfberry, barley wine, yogurt, rapeseed oil, cordyceps, Qingxiu, etc.

   The picture shows the Cordyceps sinensis from Yushu displayed in the Qinghai Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Tibet: Selling "Mystery"

  What is the taste of plateau honey?

What is the difference between glacier water and ordinary pure water in taste?

Is yak milk better than milk?

In addition to these relatively "niche" green foods, the Tibet Pavilion also exhibited products such as highland barley beer, highland barley meal replacement powder, and Tibetan scarves, clothing, card mats and other velvet products made of yak velvet, which made people very curious.

   The picture shows many visitors visiting and shopping at the Tibet Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Yunnan: Selling Green

  "Green" can be called the background color of Yunnan's participation in this exhibition.

Focusing on the goal of creating world-class "green food", "green energy", and "healthy living destination", the Yunnan exhibitors concentrated on displaying "cloud tea", "cloud cuisine", "cloud fruit", "cloud flower" and "cloud flower". "Yun Ka", "Yun Medicine", "Yunnan Intangible Cultural Heritage", and "Specialty Products of Tibetan Plateau" and other characteristic industry advantages.

Panax notoginseng, fresh cut flowers, Pu'er tea and many other exhibits are full of natural charm.

  The picture shows the various flowers on display in the Yunnan Pavilion attracting visitors.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Jiangsu: Selling high-end

  Silk fabrics that have always been used as treasures for royal nobles’ private use, pure natural handmade silk quilts made with manual peeling techniques, and bedding with a mite removal rate of up to 83.6%... Many exhibits in the Jiangsu Pavilion reveal the “high-end atmosphere”. Grade".

  The picture shows an exhibitor in the Jiangsu Pavilion pulling up the silk raw materials used on site to prove the excellent quality of their products.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Guangxi: Selling Trendy  

  In the Guangxi Pavilion, SAIC-GM-Wuling exhibited the "phenomenal product" Hongguang MINI EV Macaron in China's new energy market. Consumers can experience the charm of fashion mobility; Dongfeng's newly launched popular T5 EVO is also at the Consumer Fair The first show will be held in Shanghai, bringing intelligent and high-quality car experience to visitors.

   The picture shows the Wuling MINI EV electric vehicle exhibited in the Guangxi Pavilion attracting the attention of visitors.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Shandong: Selling quality

  Shandong, a major manufacturing province, exhibited a large number of high-quality, brand-name products, such as porcelain for state banquets, negative ion health-preserving ceramics, home textiles with long-lasting and efficient antibacterial properties, and can be used for outdoor sports enthusiasts to skateboard, snowboard and surf under any road conditions. Experience all-terrain cross-country skateboarding and more.

  The picture shows the Huaguang National Porcelain exhibited in the Shandong Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Luo Yunfei

Henan: sell intimate

  The yam powder made by combining the conditions of the spleen and stomach of modern people, and the porcelain-fired silver and silver water cups that can release silver ions and have strong bactericidal effects are made for people’s health needs. Custom clothing sold out of the factory by the clothing responsibility system...Many exhibits in the Henan Pavilion reflect the intimate care for consumers.

   "Miss Tang Palace" smiled and greeted the guests at the entrance of Henan Pavilion.

Photo by Cui Nan

Hubei: Selling Technology

  The exhibits in Hubei are permeated with high-tech elements.

For example, the Sharing-Bus exhibited by Dongfeng Yuexiang has a holographic projection desk, a large touch screen, and a leisure water bar in the car. Passengers can conduct business negotiations while traveling; dynamic suspension and smart cockpit can achieve 4D cinema functions .

  For another example, a health intelligent robot can realize multiple functions such as online registration, online drug purchase, intelligent consultation, health inspection, health records, health question and answer, SOS emergency call for help, etc., forming pre-ill consultation, auxiliary diagnosis and treatment, and post-ill rehabilitation. Closed loop of full-stack health management services.

Guangdong: Selling Frontiers

  Guangdong exhibitors showcased a number of cutting-edge new products, such as the vivo S9 equipped with the first domestic micro-slit fill light to solve the problem of "dark night selfie", and GAC Group equipped with the latest generation of power battery safety technology new products AION Y, Xu Fu Remember the pastries without sucrose and high-calcium milk powder.

Anhui: Selling Wisdom

  Wisdom and intelligence are one of the highlights of the exhibitors in Anhui.

For example, a smart voice recorder exhibited by iFLYTEK University of Science and Technology can realize real-time voice conversion to text without 4G or Wi-Fi network. The transcribed text can be saved immediately, and it also supports transliteration and translation in multiple languages.

  Huami Technology exhibited a variety of smart watches, among which Zepp E is a stylish smart watch inspired by the borderless arc design, which supports heart rate monitoring, pressure monitoring, blood oxygen saturation detection, sleep monitoring and other powerful health Features.

  Hebei: Selling creativity

  "Creativity" is one of the "selling points" of many participating companies in Hebei.

For example, some companies have combined the eternal flower craftsmanship with Chinese national cultural elements and national intangible heritage products (paper-cut, clay figurines, Su embroidery, rolls, silk people, etc.), and pioneered the design of eternal flower crafts with cultural elements with Chinese characteristics; Some companies have successfully developed Dingyao black-glazed gilded porcelain prints.

  The picture shows the dragon robe made by Beijing embroidery craftsmanship exhibited in the Hebei Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Hunan: Selling Literature and Art

  Hunan porcelain, Xianglian lotus, bamboo and wood products, artificial flowers, embroidery... At this year's Consumer Fair, Hunan's exhibits are full of literary and artistic style.

  The picture shows children experiencing the traditional weaving skills of Tujia nationality in Hunan Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Tianjin: Selling Feelings  

  At this year's Consumer Expo, a total of 19 brands and Chinese time-honored enterprises appeared in Tianjin.

Seagull Watch, Yumeijing Moisturizer, Eighteenth Street Twist... These names that carry the memories of a generation come from the Tianjin Pavilion.

Gansu: Selling "Ecology"

  The extra virgin olive oil organically grown by contracted farmers retains the inherent fragrance and white appearance of lily, which can realize clean slices and ready-to-eat fresh lily products, and undergoes ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and aseptic filling processes. Refined 100% apple juice...In the Gansu Pavilion, many agricultural products are full of "sweetness" and rich in regional characteristics.

   The picture shows visitors tasting beef jerky at the Gansu Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Xinjiang: Selling "Cotton"

  The Xinjiang exhibition area uses world-renowned Xinjiang cotton as the main design material. While displaying Xinjiang’s textile and clothing, agricultural products, food, red wine, jewelry, jade, cultural creativity, medical and pharmaceutical industries, it also presents it through sound, light, electricity, etc. The prosperous and beautiful image of Xinjiang.

   The picture shows the Xinjiang Pavilion with cotton bouquets for decoration.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Guizhou: Selling wine and tea

  Guizhou has always been known as the "Wine Country" and is also one of the earliest areas in China for tea planting, tea making and tea drinking.

At this exhibition, Guizhou exhibited a lot of good wines and teas.

Heilongjiang: Selling brands

  From Dongning black fungus, a product protected by national geographical indication certification, to the well-known "Haru Lian" brand red sausage, to the "Shiyitang" pharmaceutical factory, one of the five traditional Chinese halls, the Heilongjiang Pavilion has a long history. Well-known brand.

   The picture shows the various types of dried products exhibited in the Heilongjiang Pavilion attracting visitors.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Shaanxi: Selling History

  In the Shaanxi Pavilion, the naive "Tang Niu" caught the eye in a prominent position.

This is the image designed by the Shaanxi History Museum based on the figurines of the Tang Dynasty in its collection, and it has also derived the "Tang Niu" series of cultural and creative products, which are deeply loved by the public.

At the Consumer Fair, many exhibits such as the "Tang Niu" series of dolls and the gold-inlaid beast head agate cup (re-enacted product) aroused great interest among visitors.

    The naive "Tang Niu".

Photo by Cui Nan

Zhejiang: selling exquisite

  The Zhejiang Pavilion gathers 18 industry-leading brand companies such as Hikvision, Youngor, Yexing Holdings, Hals, Kasya, and Longquan Celadon, as well as 7 key import platforms, fully demonstrating the high quality of Zhejiang goods and the Zhejiang economic and trade platform. Image and service.

    Scenes in Zhejiang Theme Pavilion.

Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce

Shanghai: Selling Fashion

  Shanghai has created a fashionable and energetic Shanghai image exhibition area by integrating various new consumption modes such as pop-ups, window shows, scene experiences and live broadcast rooms through a design experience.

Bilibili IP cross-border blind box machine, dragon and phoenix cheongsam carefully crafted with international intangible heritage production techniques that took 180 days, smart trash cans that have won multiple international awards, and a series of derivatives of sweet memories of "Big White Rabbit" toffee Products, fashion and new ideas are coming.

    The picture shows Jiang Manzong, the fourth-generation heir of Dragon and Phoenix cheongsam, showing exquisite cheongsam buckles.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Luo Yunfei

Sichuan: Selling Innovation

  Inheritance and innovation are the key words of Sichuan exhibits at the Consumer Fair.

It feels like cotton to the touch, but in fact it is a glass Zigong lantern. The women's shoes that combine traditional Sichuan embroidery skills with international fashion elements all reflect the charm of innovation.

    The picture shows the Sichuan Opera facial makeup-themed boots displayed in the Sichuan Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Jilin: Selling "Rare"

  Jilin exhibitors brought many “rare” specialties, such as dried venison, the most special organic rice and green rice.

   The picture shows the Hongqi car displayed in the Jilin Pavilion attracting the attention of visitors.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Chongqing: selling flavor

  The refreshing spicy chicken made with traditional techniques, freshly squeezed orange juice without water, sugar, and preservatives, the fragrant Fuling mustard tuber, the crispy and non-sticky magnetic mouth of the twisted flower, 3 minutes of fresh cooking will be able to "really restore" "Chongqing small noodles, Tianfu cola with the scent of plant puree... Entering the Chongqing Pavilion, you are walking into the "flavored world".

  The picture shows visitors selecting hot pot bottoms at the Chongqing Pavilion.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Hainan: Selling Atmosphere

  The Hainan Pavilion covers the largest area, and the three huanghuali sculptures at the entrance are eye-catching.

Among them, a piece of Zhongtang furniture worth more than 20 million yuan has been booked by a mysterious buyer.

According to the staff, this set of Hainan Huanghuali Zhongtang furniture is made of coarse materials, one wood, thick contours and fine carvings. It is a masterpiece of Hainan Huanghuali, and is the largest among known Hainan Huanghuali old furniture.

  The picture shows the Hainan Li nationality dragon being unveiled at the Consumer Fair.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Luo Yunfei