When I was young, I felt that my mother was the most powerful person in the world. As long as we lay on her arms, the ups and downs of this world had nothing to do with us.

Only after becoming a mother did I understand the true meaning of "just being a mother".

When the new life falls to the ground, the road to motherhood is filled with courage and strength.

  Every new life is an unforgettable memory for the mother.

When I was young, my mother was the most intimate "nanny", when I was young, my mother was the most dedicated "teacher", and when I was young, my mother was the most diligent "model worker". After taking a job, my mother was the most nagging "housekeeper".

After getting married, the mother is the most reliable "parenting wife" for the child.

At each stage, there are the enjoyment and troubles of being a mother. Which mother do you see?











Mother's Day is just one day in May,

But the mother's love is year after year.

May time be slower,

May all mothers in the world have a happy life!

  Copywriting planning: Zhai Lu

  Creative Photography: Zhai Lu and Li Jun

  Creative Cartoon: Lei Yuzhu Zhang Jianyuan