[Explanation] On May 8, the Southwest United University documentary film "Post-Nine Zeros", which was "starred" by 16 national treasure masters with an average age of over 96, including Yang Zhenning, Xu Yuanchong, and Yang Li, held its premiere in Beijing.

Director Xu Bei watched the film with more than a hundred descendants of Southwest Union University.

  [Explanation] Southwest Associated University is known as the "Mount Everest in the history of Chinese education". 8 years of school history has cultivated 2 Nobel Prize winners, 8 two bombs and one star meritorious service, 172 academicians, more than 100 celebrity masters and literary masters. Winners of many national top science and technology awards.

  [Explanation] The film unfolds the narrative from an individual perspective, and restores the original appearance of the Southwestern United University through the memories and narrations of 16 "post-90s" students of the United Nations University such as Yang Zhenning, Xu Yuanchong, and Yang Li.

The film is also a new work on the same topic in the documentary series "Southwest Associated University" directed by Xu Bei.

  [Concurrent] Xu Bei, director of the documentary film "Post-Nine Zeros"

  After finishing the five episodes of the "Southwest Associated University" documentary at that time, it was really a bit surprising. Many people, especially young people, liked it very much. That's why today's "Post-Nine Zeros" was born.

  [Commentary] Xu Bei shared the creative story behind the scenes of the movie.

She recalled that after interviewing Mr. Yang Yi, the extremely rational Yang Yi shed tears.

  [Concurrent] Xu Bei, director of the documentary film "Post-Nine Zeros"

  Then I went to hug her, and after I hugged her, she said "It's just for you" in my ear. I only do it for you, because these old people have opened up their youth and the stories of the past years to us Listen, I actually think this is not "Not only for me", nor is it just for me, because I am the director of this film, I think it should be for all audiences, especially young audiences.

  [Explanation] In Xu Bei’s opinion, "Post-Nine Zeros" is actually a youth film full of wrinkles and annual rings on the screen. Passion, passion, love, ideals, romance, feelings... all the terms related to youth are Can be read in their memories.

  [Concurrent] Xu Bei, director of the documentary film "Post-Nine Zeros"

  It’s a lot of times, you obviously put a subtitle like XX 100 years old, XX 90 years old, but he often talked about the past, especially when talking about the United Nations General Assembly, talking about teachers, talking about When he was a classmate, the state he revealed was really the two words "young", which is a very intuitive feeling, so in the end, I just refined it, which is really irrelevant to age.

  [Explanation] During the filming of the film, three subjects passed away, and the "rescue" shooting of the film also left precious out-of-print images for them.

Xu Bei said that "post-ninety generations" deserve people to understand them with a sense of ritual of watching movies.

  [Concurrent] Xu Bei, director of the documentary film "Post-Nine Zeros"

  They appear in a movie like this in a matrix, using more upgraded professional photographic effects and music, and then in a professional screening hall, 2 hours of immersion, in the dark, no barrage, no pause, also Don't press the fast forward button to experience it. I think these people and this history are worthy of such a sense of ritual.

  [Commentary] Zhang Haidong, one of the protagonists of the film and the son of artist Zhang Daoyi, also appeared at the premiere.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Haidong, son of Zhang Daoyi

  We especially hope that history can be passed on from generation to generation, and we, it’s not us, at least I personally feel that from this film, I have seen these great masters tell what they thought and thought in their youth, the changes and growth of their thoughts. These results have brought our generation, and I hope that our next generation can pass it on, and this film enables these people to become eternal memorials in history.

  [Commentary] It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on May 29.

  Liu Chao Lang Jiahui reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]