The Obama family dog ​​and star of the White House, Bo dies

Former US President Barack Obama announced that "Poe", the dog that his family acquired after winning the presidency and who had been one of the stars of the White House over the eight years of his reign, passed away Saturday after he was able to get cancer, expressing his grief over the loss of a "true friend and loyal companion."

Obama had promised his two daughters, Malia and Sasha, during the election campaign that he would bring them a dog if he won the presidency, as a penance for his long absence from the house.

Indeed, the president fulfilled his promise as soon as he moved with his family to the White House in 2009.

In a series of tweets on Twitter, the former president said, “Today (Saturday), our family has lost a true friend and loyal companion. For more than a decade, Bo’s presence in our lives has been pleasant and continuous, he has been happy to see us in our good days, in our bad days, and in Every day in between. "

"It was exactly what we needed, and more than we expected. We will miss it a lot," he added.

Obama attached his tweets to three pictures, in one of which appeared to be running with "Boo" in the White House, in the second children surrounding the dog, and in the third, "Poe" staring at the camera lens.

"Bo" is a black and white Portuguese water dog that Senator Edward Kennedy presented as a gift to the Obama family.

Poe was always present at White House events, met Pope Francis, visited a children's hospital, and traveled on Air Force One.

In turn, former US lady Michelle Obama said on Instagram, "As a family, we will miss Boo a lot."