Rapper Dindin presented a car worth about 100 million won to his parents on Mother's Day.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Din Dean posted a photo on his social media, saying, "Yes, if only you two are happy, I will return all the happiness that I have received from both of you so far. Just be healthy. Posted.

In the released photo, Din Dean's parents pose in front of a new car.

Prior to this, on the 7th, Dindin posted a video on his YouTube channel titled'FLEX-disliked rapper Dindin's Mother's Day gift' to reveal the background of buying the car.

In the video, Dindin said, "I went somewhere with my parents about two months ago, and the car was over 10 years old and it sounded weird and old. I was riding 300,000 km. I think it would be dangerous because my dad is old, and if dad changes the car, I thought it would be the last car. My first car was made by my dad, so it would be nice if I could do it when I could," he explained the reason for the car gift.

"Mother's Day is also my parents' wedding anniversary," said Din Dean, who said, "On the other hand, it's bitter, and if I have someone I'm meeting with or if I'm dreaming of getting married, I can't pay like this."

Parents who received a new car from Din Dean said, "I will ride the fruits of the fruits of your hard work every day," and "You will have a more precious son than such a son." At the same time, he brought out the story of marriage and grandchildren to his son who said, "There is no more present," and made a laugh.

The car that Din Dean presented to his parents is the Hyundai Genesis 2021 G90, which costs about 79.03 million won to 117 million won. "It's not a PPL," said Dindin about the car purchase.

[Photo = Din Dean Instagram, YouTube capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)