On May 9, the offline experimental art interactive event "500 Pens + Commitment to Quit Smoking" sponsored by the World Health Organization Representative Office in China and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and co-organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts was held in Beijing.

  The event invited contemporary visual artist Wu Jian'an to substitute his work creation model "Five Hundred Brushes", which integrates painting, paper-cutting, collage and other art forms, into the public health scene.

Hundreds of people from all walks of life, including Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations coordinator in China, young actor/singer Xu Weizhou, and Quan Bin, general manager of WeWork North China, etc., each participated in artistic creation, Commitment to quit smoking.

(Reporter Li Chun produced Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: [Chen Haifeng]