This black soil is not the black soil uncle Baiyun's wife, but the black soil in Northeast my country, which is known for its "smeared oil"!

Recently, a number of media reported that some people rented fields in the Northeast region, but they did not use them to grow food. Instead, they extended their black hands to the black soil in the fields, robbed them wildly, and sold them wildly on the e-commerce platform. The sales volume was very high. amazing.

As we all know, black soil is an extremely precious natural resource. It is a homogeneous humus soil formed under the conditions of temperate humid climate and grassland meadow vegetation. It needs to be formed under warm and rainy summers and severe cold in winter.

The organic matter in the soil is several times higher than that of loess.

The soil properties are good and the soil fertility is sufficient, which is very suitable for plant growth.

It is no exaggeration to say that the black soil in the northeast is related to the "rice bowl" of the people of the whole country, and is the ballast stone and reassurance of food security!

The pirate digging and selling of black soil is not only a problem of "unethical", it is also a violation of the law.

According to Article 342 of the Criminal Law: Violation of land management regulations, illegal occupation of cultivated land to build kilns, tombs, houses, digging sand, quarrying, mining, extracting soil, piling up solid waste, or carrying out other non-agricultural constructions, resulting in cultivated land cultivation If the conditions are severely destroyed or polluted, and the amount of destroyed cultivated land reaches the above-mentioned stipulations, it is "causing massive destruction of cultivated land" as stipulated in this article.

Sentence to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention, concurrently or solely with a fine.

Criminals must be punished by law!

Black soil is nature's gift and gift to mankind. Don't feel that it is inexhaustible.

You know, it takes thousands of years to produce 1 centimeter of black soil on the earth, but it may only take a few minutes to dig them out.

Robbing and digging black soil for immediate benefit is tantamount to fishing and burning forests and hunting, and it is irresponsible for future generations to eat.

Pirate the black soil for profit, the sky is angry and the people complain!

Everyone is responsible for protecting black soil resources!

Creative comics/copywriting planning: Li Xueyao