[Commentary] On May 8, the war feature film "Shangganling" produced by Changchun Film Studio was re-screened in Changying Cinema, attracting many fans to watch the movie.

  It is reported that from April to December this year, more than 100 outstanding domestic films since the founding of the People’s Republic of China will be shown in various parts of China, including major revolutionary historical themes, party history and military history, heroes and models, and real life themes.

  The long film classics "Shangganling" and "Heroic Sons and Daughters" are on display.

  On the 8th, Changchun experienced heavy wind and rain and the temperature dropped sharply, but weather factors did not affect people's enthusiasm for watching movies.

The reporter saw that most of the movie fans present were middle-aged and elderly people, and they eagerly wanted to relive this classic old movie in a modern cinema.

  Yan Xianzhang, who was born in 1947, was a teenager when he first watched "Shangganling".

Now that he is over seventy years old, he relived the film, and felt full of emotion for a while.

  [Concurrent] Changchun Citizen Yan Xianzhang

  Revolutionary martyrs exchanged their blood for our happy life. Although we are getting older, I still have to work hard to do a good job in my old age, sing my revolutionary songs well, and set an example for our next generation.

  [Explanation] Bi Ying, a citizen of Changchun, believes that the re-screening of outstanding domestic films is very meaningful, and hopes that these films can enter the campus so that the younger generation can also watch them.

  [Concurrent] Bi Ying, a citizen of Changchun

  The younger generation may rarely be able to watch such movies. I think it should be a must-see (movie) to enter the classroom or allow the next generation to watch such movies, which is more beneficial to their cultivation.

  [Explanation] Niu Shuguang, president of the Jilin Province Film Distribution and Projection Association, said that the re-screening of "Shangganling" opened the prelude to the non-profit film exhibition in Jilin Province.

  [Concurrent] Niu Shuguang, President of Jilin Province Film Distribution and Projection Association

  Films like the old (films) "Shangganling" and "The Red Detachment of Women" and other excellent old films, as well as new films such as "Chinese Doctor" and "Revolutionary", will meet with our broad audience at that time.

We will continue this long-term development. All theaters in the province can enjoy this public welfare screening event. It is larger than before, with more audiences and more films. About 100,000 viewers can go to the theaters.

  Reporter from Changchun Lu Shengnan

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]