Beijing News Express Today (May 8), I believe that many netizens in Beijing opened the door and their first reaction was "Why is this wind still blowing?" Yes, the strong wind in Beijing is still "online" today, and the wind is north. Mainly, local gusts can reach level 7~8.

However, the good news is that the windy weather process will come to an end around this evening, and the wind will gradually decrease in various places.

  Yesterday, it was another day when the north wind was whistling in Beijing. In most areas, winds reached level 4 to 5, and gusts reached level 7 in some areas.

Fortunately, there is no sandy weather during the day, the clear sky is online, and the temperature is rising steadily. The highest temperature during the day is around 26°C.

Starting in the evening, Beijing gradually turned to southerly wind control, and the PM10 concentration increased compared with the daytime.

  During the day today, the Beijing gale is still “online”, and it is expected that it will only weaken around the evening.

According to the forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 o'clock this morning, during the day today, Beijing will turn from sunny to cloudy, with northerly winds ranging from magnitude 4 to 5 (gusts of magnitude 7 to 8) turning to around level 3, and the maximum temperature is 26°C; There are 4 levels between 2~3 levels, and the minimum temperature is 12℃.

  The website of the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau reminds: In windy weather, pay attention to avoid the long narrow passages between high-rise buildings when walking or cycling to prevent the danger caused by the "narrow tube effect"; be careful not to stay under billboards and old trees for a long time ; Pay attention to the safety of light vehicles; pay attention to riding bicycles as little as possible; go out and do a good job of protection.

  In addition, outdoor fires must be strictly prohibited on windy days to eliminate fire hazards.

At home, secure doors and windows, enclosures, scaffolds, temporary structures and other structures that are easily moved by the wind, and do not forget to close doors and windows and connect outdoor gas and natural gas valves when going out.

  Comprehensive China Weather Network, Beijing Meteorological Bureau website