"Cricket Hegemony" wins or loses over 10,000 in each game

  □ Our reporter Fan Tianjiao

  □ Correspondent Ren Jia Zhoukai

  "What's the champion today?" "You won, the 15th."

  In the "Crazy Cricket" live broadcast room, two crickets are divided into red and blue camps, and they compete against each other in a transparent bucket.

After the horsetail mane kept fighting, one cricket was defeated and retreated, and the other winged and won the championship.

  At the same time as the results of the online competition were released, the winners and losers in the offline WeChat group were also settled.

Group members who bet on crickets get bonuses, and those who bet wrong will lose their money.

  Recently, a reporter from "Rules of Law Daily" learned from the Yijiang branch of the Wuhu City Public Security Bureau in Anhui Province that the police successfully destroyed a case of using an online platform to broadcast a cricket fight and gambling under the guise of "Meeting Friends with Insects" and arrested two suspects. , The gambling capital involved in the case was nearly 500,000 yuan.

At present, all criminal suspects have been approved by the procuratorial organ for arrest in accordance with the law.

  Abnormal use of air conditioner arouses police suspicion

  In mid-February this year, the community police of the Yijiang Police Station of the Wuhu City Public Security Bureau learned during their work that a large number of dead crickets would be discarded every few days in some public trash bins in the jurisdiction, and there were dozens of them each time.

Dead crickets emit a stench, making neighbors miserable.

  Within a few days, the police received reports from the public that someone in the area suspected of using crickets for gambling.

  After receiving the police, the police immediately launched a visit and investigation.

But with so many residents in the community, where did these crickets come from?

  "An abnormal electricity consumption for air-conditioning in a household caught our attention." Yan Shaojun, deputy head of the Public Security Patrol Brigade of Yijiang Branch, said that the outdoor temperature in Wuhu was more than ten degrees Celsius at the time. Under normal circumstances, the air-conditioning can not be turned on, but the doors and windows of this house are tight. Turned off, the air conditioner operates day and night without stopping.

  The police also found that there were many jars for crickets outside the balcony of this household, and dead crickets appeared nearby.

The police also visited the surrounding households and learned that the noise of crickets at night was one after another, and all the signs were consistent with the characteristics of raising crickets.

  "Crickets cannot be sold in residential buildings. This phenomenon is unreasonable." Yan Shaojun told reporters that after further investigation, the police learned that the people entering and exiting this house had previous economic crimes, and there were shouts of good news from time to time inside the house. The police initially judged that it is likely to use cricket fighting for gambling.

  Player number display group friends spotted betting

  Since gambling is suspected, there must be a casino, so where exactly is the casino opened?

  According to the police handling the case, since the residents of this household rarely go out, the suspected gambling applause comes from the electronic device, so the location of the casino is most likely to be on the live web platform.

The police then entered the major network platforms one by one to search and focus on investigations, and finally locked on a live broadcast platform named "Crazy Cricket" anchor.

  In order not to provoke an alarm, the police undercover in the live broadcast room and interacted with the anchor Wang. After more than half a month of work, he finally gained Wang's trust and figured out the law and method of the crimes committed by the gang's internal personnel.

  "The live broadcast platform is formal, but Wang's live broadcast has other secrets." Yan Shaojun said that every day, Wang selected 16 crickets from the crickets he raised, numbered them separately, and posted the video display of each cricket on the WeChat group. In, for the people in the group to place bets.

Every night, Wang will broadcast live the battle of the 16 crickets selected on that day, and decide the top ones, and then pay the gamblers who made the previous bets according to the pre-predetermined odds. If there is no bet, all bets will be taken. The anchor is in the bag.

  The reporter learned that the night's live broadcast is called the "Bug King Tournament", and detailed rules for selecting bugs have been formulated.

There are 16 crickets participating in each game. Participants in the gambling must pay the registration fee, each cricket is 50 yuan per hand.

Crickets are auctioned on time at 7:30 every night, and each auction time is one minute.

Each person can buy a maximum of 3 shares each, one share is 50 yuan, and 24 shares are capped.

Gambling funds are collected by WeChat or Alipay transfer.

  After the auction was over, cards were issued to match the insects, and the cricket battles were broadcast live.

16 crickets decided the top four.

Corresponding to one, two, three, and four prizes, the bonus per share is 300 yuan, 150 yuan, 60 yuan, and 50 yuan.

  "Every night in the WeChat group and the live broadcast room is very lively, and a bet is about 15,000 yuan." Yan Shaojun said.

  Screening of gambling group friends under the name of "Meeting Friends with Insects"

  Seeing that the time to close the net was ripe, on the evening of March 25, the Yijiang police attacked decisively and arrested the suspects Wang and Yuan in a residential building. They detained hundreds of crickets and a set of live broadcast equipment on the spot.

  The reporter saw from the video captured at the scene that when the police entered the house, Wang was conducting a live webcast of the "Insect King Contest".

In the center of the live broadcast station, an oval transparent bucket was placed. Under the illumination of two headlights, two crickets were fighting in the bucket.

Outside the bucket, the number plates of the "contestants" were erected on the left and right sides, and Wang sat at the table to guide the cricket and explain the game.

As the police took control of Wang, the live broadcast was interrupted, and the two crickets stopped biting, lying motionless on both sides of the bucket.

  After preliminary investigation, Wang used to sell crickets online, but the sales volume is not optimistic.

Since August last year, Wang has been stationed on the live broadcast platform and has become an anchor for cricket fighting, attracting hundreds of fans at a time.

Seeing that there is a market for cricket fighting, Wang screened fans among fans who were willing to bet on gambling in the name of "Friends of Insects", and pulled them into the WeChat exchange group of "Weipai Hall Insect Friends Exchange" established by him. Recruit Yuan Mou as an assistant.

It didn't take long for the WeChat group to grow to more than 400 people.

  "Wang and Yuan knew each other before and both had previous convictions. Wang claimed that he had lost business in the past and owed a lot of debts, so he wanted to make money through cricket gambling." Yan Shaojun said that they would throw some fights in the group. The topic of cricket, let the group of friends spend some money to play, but in the live broadcast room, no mention of gambling, to prevent showing their feet.

  At present, Wang and Yuan have been arrested by the procuratorial organs according to law, and the gambling money involved in the case is nearly 500,000 yuan.

The illegal profits of the two are awaiting further calculations, and the case is under further investigation.