, Beijing, May 7th. On the afternoon of May 6, the China Music Association held a symposium on "Promoting Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and Constructing Good Style in the Art Circle" in Beijing.

  Jiang Kun, Chairman of the Chinese Music Association, Yang Fahang, Secretary of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Music Association, Xie Li, Director of the Domestic Liaison Department of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Director of the Network Literary Communication Center, Quyi Artists Weng Renkang, Tian Lianyuan, Li Jindou, Liu Ying, Li Jing, Youth Quyi Actors Liu Zhao, Xu Jian, Lu Xin, scholars Xiang Yunju, Zhang Yiwu, senior media professionals Wang Dasheng, lawyer Yue Yunsheng and other experts and artists conducted in-depth exchanges and speeches.

  Everyone said that the Chinese folk art has been passed down for more than 2,000 years, and more than 500 kinds of music, including cross talk, storytelling, allegro, Cantonese opera, Nanyin, Errenzhuan, Shandong Kuaishu, Suzhou Pingtan, and Sichuan Qingyin, are deeply rooted among the people.

After more than 70 years of development, with the care of the party and the government, and the efforts of the older generation of artists, the art of Quyi has changed from what people call a "stuff for performing on the ground" to the art of performing in the Daya Hall. Folk artists have become respected literary and art workers in the new society, and the old bad habits and customs in the folk art world have been completely changed.

However, in recent years, bad habits such as the past arena and bad habits, vulgar and crude performances, and distorted facts and malicious speculation have appeared from time to time, which have seriously damaged the good social image of the folk art industry.

  Everyone believes that, in the face of the new requirements of the new era, the majority of folk art workers must treat inheriting traditions correctly, resolutely abandon all the rules, content and forms that are out of date, aesthetic, and unsuitable for public appreciation, and resolutely put an end to only class rules without regulations, Just talk about "laughing" without talking about the consequences, as long as the eyeballs do not pursue all the thoughts, tendencies and behaviors, boldly explore and forge ahead, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of folk art, and vigorously promote the adaptation to contemporary Chinese culture and the modernization Socially coordinated Chinese excellent traditional culture.

  We must persist in striving for perfection and creating. It is not good to be impetuous, not to rush for quick success and short-term profit, not to sell fame, and not to self-hype.

It is necessary to go deep into life, take root in the people, concentrate and be down-to-earth, and constantly improve the spiritual height, cultural connotation, and artistic value of the works, and continue to introduce iconic works that eulogize the new era.

  We must earnestly fulfill our mission and responsibilities, and we must not stick to barriers, be confined to one's own sorrows and joys, and blindly cater to the market.

We must have the “big one in the country” in mind and practice the “heavier responsibility”, consciously link the future and destiny of the individual with the future and destiny of the country, hold high the banner of patriotism, and uphold the simple feelings of emphasizing life, being close to the people, connecting the people, and being grounded. , To truly realize his artistic ideals and life values ​​in serving the people and socialism.

  We must regard virtue and art as a lifelong pursuit, oppose entertainment-oriented, vulgar, vulgar, and selfless behaviors that only pursue economic benefits without paying attention to social benefits. We must unify our behavior, work, and art, and adhere to the bottom line of law and professional ethics. Great morality, social ethics, strict personal ethics, emphasis on taste, style, and responsibility, consciously practice and promote the core socialist values, convey truth, goodness, and beauty, denounce falseness, evil and ugliness, and strive to become the pioneer, pioneer, and advocate of the trend of the times.

  Everyone believes that to build a good style in the field of folk art, it is neither an overnight effort nor the power of a single person. It requires the participation and responsibility of all folks in the art circle, joining hands, and consciously shouldering the responsibility of raising the banner and gathering people’s hearts. The mission of cultivating new talents, invigorating culture, and exhibiting image is to continuously meet the cultural needs of the people, strengthen the spiritual power of the people, and strive to create greater glories in the new era of folk art with the literary creations worthy of the great era and great people.