The 6th National College Student Art Exhibition opened in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on the evening of the 6th.

With the theme of "struggle, innovation and dedication", this exhibition activity attracted 264 teams from 198 universities across the country, and nearly 8,600 teachers and students participated.

  Among them, the college students' art practice workshop and art works exhibition opened at the Dongjiao Memory·International Art Exhibition Center on the afternoon of the 6th, lasting for 8 days.

43 art practice workshops and 253 art works of students and university principals from major universities across the country were exhibited.

  The exhibition sets up four directions: "Art and Science", "Art and Life", "Art and Campus", and "Art and Beautiful Country", presenting many traditional art projects with regional and ethnic characteristics, such as the Hainan Normal University "Art and beautiful countryside-Dream weaving in the South China Sea", "Tongxiang Bamboo Rhyme-Dai Oily Paper Umbrella" from Dehong Vocational College, Sichuan Opera Stage Art Practice Workshop at Chongqing University, and Northern Sichuan Shadow Puppet Art Practice Workshop at Nanchong Vocational and Technical College Wait.

  The "Northeast Big Flower Cloth" cultural inheritance and innovation workshop of Jilin Institute of Architecture and Technology combines common installations such as mobile phone protective shells, tea seats, standing lamps, and fiber-woven wall hangings with the Northeast large flower cloth through small-area splicing and wire mesh The second artistic creation by printing and other methods makes the use of floral cloth no longer a big quilt or a quilted jacket.

The printing of New Year pictures in the Woodblock New Year Picture Workshop of the Fine Arts College of Henan Normal University also attracted many visitors to experience.

  (Reporter Ma Shuaisha produced Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】