The Bremen Office for the Protection of the Constitution has classified the group “lateral thinking 421” as a suspected case. The Parliamentary Control Commission of the Bremen citizenship was informed about this on Friday, said Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD). "Lateral Thinking 421" is the Bremen offshoot of the nationwide active "Lateral Thinking" movement. Both combine anti-Semitic conspiracy ideologies, there is overlap with people from the right-wing extremist spectrum and the scene of the "Reich citizens" and "self-administrators", it said.

Legitimate protests and rallies are being used by extremist actors to deny the state its legitimacy and to make it and its representatives contemptible. "This can pose a threat to the free and democratic basic order," warned Mäurer. This threshold is in part deliberately crossed by representatives of the “lateral thinking” movement.

If an organization or a group is classified as a suspected case, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution may monitor it more closely.

Members may be observed and wiretapped, and the finances may be inspected - but only with a court order.

“Lateral thinking 421” is observed more closely because, according to the Interior Authority, the Bremen Office for the Protection of the Constitution has “actual indications” that the group is “an effort against the free democratic basic order”.

The department did not provide any further information.


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