Sapporo City and Hokkaido announced on the 7th that a total of 248 people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.

On the 7th, new infection confirmations were announced in

▽ Sapporo City 154 people,

▽ Road 66 people,

▽ Asahikawa City 13 people,

▽ Otaru City 8 people,

▽ Hakodate City 7 people in Hokkaido Then there are 248 people in total.

In addition, Sapporo City has two men in their 60s and one man in their 70s who live in the city where infection has been confirmed so far, and one man in their 70s whose place of residence is undisclosed, for a total of four people. Announced that he died.

This brings the total number of infected people in Hokkaido to 25,772 and the number of people dead to 8,87.