Since the middle of last month, 61 residents and staff have been infected with the new coronavirus at a facility for the elderly in Kadoma City, Osaka, and 14 residents have died by the 6th.

According to Kadoma City and others, on the 11th of last month at a pay nursing home in the city, two residents had a fever and a PCR test was performed, and it was confirmed that they were infected with the new coronavirus.

By the 6th, 37 residents and 22 staff members, a total of 61 people, were confirmed to be infected one after another.

Of these, 14 of the residents died due to medical treatment at the facility without deciding where to be hospitalized and then worsening of symptoms.

The facility has a capacity of 44 people, which means that about one-third of the residents were infected with the new coronavirus and died.

The person in charge at the facility said to NHK that he could not answer at this time.

In the Kansai region, especially in Osaka, the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the crisis of the medical care provision system continue.

Since the middle of last month, a total of 123 outbreaks have been confirmed at the Long-Term Care Health Facility in Kobe City, including residents and staff, and it has been found that 13 of them have died.

According to the people concerned, many infected people could not be hospitalized due to the tight medical care system in Kobe city, and they were waiting and receiving medical treatment in the facility.