At a facility for the disabled in Saitama Prefecture, it became clear that a new population = cluster of people infected with the new coronavirus had occurred, and the prefecture is investigating the infection route.

According to Saitama Prefecture, two people were confirmed to be infected by the 5th at facilities for the disabled in the prefecture, but on the 6th, a total of 11 people, including 7 users and 4 staff members, were found to be positive. , Now there are 13 people.

Although PCR tests on people involved in this facility have been completed, it is expected that it will take some time before all the results are available, and the prefecture is also investigating the infection route.

At this facility for the disabled, it was announced on the 6th that it was confirmed that 179 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Saitama Prefecture, including 11 people who were found to be positive.

The breakdown is 120 people from Saitama Prefecture, 24 people from Saitama City, 17 people from Koshigaya City, 14 people from Kawaguchi City, and 4 people from Kawagoe City.

With this, a total of 39,051 people have been announced as infected in the prefecture.

In addition, Saitama Prefecture announced that one man in his 70s infected with the new coronavirus has died, and now 747 people have been confirmed infected and died in the prefecture.