China News Service, Beijing, May 6 (Chen Hang) The official Weibo of Beijing Meteorological Bureau announced on the 6th that strong winds and dust have arrived in Zhangjiakou, Hebei. It is expected to affect Beijing from northwest to southeast at about 11 o'clock. Please take precautions. .

  Affected by the transportation of sand and dust, sand and dust weather is expected to occur in Beijing around noon on the 6th.

In response to this process, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a blue gale warning signal at 9:10 on the 5th, and a sand and dust blue warning signal at 16:45.

Cloudy turns to dust during the day

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory announced at 6 o'clock on the 6th that today it will be cloudy to sand and dust, southerly winds will turn from second to northerly to about fifth (gusts of force eight or nine), and the highest temperature will be 28°C; cloudy at night (with small showers in mountainous areas) and sunny, north The wind is four or five (about seven gusts), and the lowest temperature is 14°C.

During the high wind yellow and sand dust blue warning, there will be strong winds with sand and dust during the day. People should pay attention to wind protection when going out, stay away from temporary structures such as billboards, and take good health protection.

  The Meteorological Department previously stated that it is expected that there will be strong winds in most areas of Beijing from 6 to 7 days.

Among them, there were about magnitude 5 northerly winds during the day on the 6th, and gusts of magnitude 8 or 9; the wind weakened slightly after nightfall, and there were northerly winds of magnitude 4 and 5 during the day from the 6th to the 7th, with gusts of magnitude 7 or so. The wind significantly weakened, and the windy weather process was over.

Wash your face and nasal cavity when you return

  The Meteorological Department stated that the weather is dry and dry in windy weather. Citizens are advised to guard against wind and fire. It is strictly forbidden to use fire in the wild to avoid forest fires. Relevant departments are requested to do a good job in strengthening outdoor structures and billboards, and safety protection for outdoor high-altitude operations.

The public should stay away from tall buildings, billboards, and temporary structures, and beware of falling objects.

  In addition, there will be dusty weather around noon on the 6th. The elderly, children, and people with respiratory allergic diseases should try not to go outdoors as much as possible. Wear masks and gauze and other dust-proof supplies when you go out. Clean your face and nasal cavity when you return.