A new study from Israel underscores the need to be vaccinated twice against the coronavirus with the Biontech preparation. A nationwide study by the local Ministry of Health and the manufacturer Pfizer confirmed that the vaccine had a protective effect of 58 percent against infection, 76 percent before hospitalization and 77 percent against death between seven and 14 days after receiving the first dose. Seven days after the second dose recommended by the manufacturer, the risk of infection with the coronavirus, hospitalization or death is reduced by more than 95 percent in each case.

The authors of the study, published in the journal "The Lancet", emphasized that little is known about the duration of the effectiveness of the first dose.

Receiving just one syringe could mean a shorter period of protection, especially in areas with new coronavirus variants.

In general, there are still uncertainties about the duration of immunity after the second vaccination.

The research is based on data collected in Israel between January 24 and April 3, 2021.

On January 24, around 2.6 million people had received the first vaccination and 1.2 million also the second vaccination.

As of April 3, about 4.8 million people were double-vaccinated and 5.3 million were single-vaccinated.

Around 9.3 million people live in Israel.


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