China News Service, Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Gao Kai) According to the real-time data of the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 12:25:34 noon on the 5th, the total box office (including pre-sales) of the 51st stall in 2021 exceeded 1.527 billion yuan (RMB, down) Same), breaking the 51 box office, attendance, and appearances of the three highest film history records and continue to refresh.

  Although it broke the record as expected, compared with the previous holiday schedule, this 51st gear with no "explosive money" appeared to have a slightly lower sense of existence, and it failed to meet the industry's previous expectations of 1.8 billion yuan at the box office.

  Lighthouse data shows that in this 51st file that is about to end, the current romance film "Your Wedding" is still leading the box office, with a total box office of more than 475 million yuan (including pre-sales).

  The spy film "Above the Cliff" directed by Zhang Yimou ranked second with 448 million yuan.

  The suspense film "Secret Visitor" and the police film "Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon" followed, and both currently have a box office of over 100 million.

  During May Day this year, a total of 13 movies are scheduled, 5 of which will be released on April 30, and 8 will be released on May 1. The final box office is scheduled for May 1 as the starting point.

  Although this May 1st period has reached the largest number of new films, and there are also heavyweight works like "Above the Cliff" and "Secret Visitor" with a strong appeal, but the response of the theaters in the past 5 days proves that, Although there were a lot of movies in this period, the "players" did not show particularly eye-catching performance, and ultimately lacked a real "explosive style" to lead the overall popularity.

  The romance film "Your Wedding" starring Xu Guanghan, the popular niche starring Xu Guanghan, although the pre-sale won the championship and is quite a dark horse, the score of the online platform has fallen all the way after the film was released. The current Douban score is only 5.2.

It is not difficult to see that the excellent initial performance of "Your Wedding" comes more from the audience's preference for related themes. From the low-scoring audience comments, the film has not reached people's love in its performance. It is expected that the plot of the routine failed to arouse empathy on the screen.

  The second-ranked "Above the Cliff" was the most promising head work in the industry during this period. The film received a lot of praise during the screening stage and is considered the most attractive work of the famous director Zhang Yimou in recent years. .

  Although the start was unexpectedly behind, "Above the Cliff" has gradually shortened the box office gap with "Your Wedding" since its release on May 1 with word-of-mouth, and began to lead the single-day box office from May 3rd.

  In his first spy film "Above the Cliff", Zhang Yimou is considered to be more successful in creating a thrilling and tense story atmosphere, and the performance of a number of powerful actors such as Yu Hewei and Zhang Yi has also been recognized by the audience. At present, Douban scores 7.7, which is the champion of word-of-mouth in this period.

  The third-ranked suspense film "Secret Visitor", although the lineup led by Aaron Kwok is full of highlights, the final word of mouth did not meet expectations, and the current box office is less than 200 million yuan.

  In addition, although the comedy "Looking for Han Dynasty", which focuses on the emotions of urban men and women, and the anti-corruption theme "Sweeping Darkness·Decisive Battle", have reached a high degree of completion in narrative and performance, they are not well scheduled due to various reasons such as insufficient main creative appeal. , And ultimately failed to get more audiences to discover.

  Rao Shuguang, president of the Chinese Film Critics Society, believes that from the current situation, the overall rating and reputation of this 51st file has declined compared with the previous National Day and Spring Festival files.

He pointed out that this also shows from one aspect that the road to the development of Chinese films from high speed to high quality is not smooth, and it takes arduous efforts to gradually realize it.

  Regarding the absence of this "popular", Rao Shuguang believes that "On the Cliff" and "Your Wedding" accounted for more than 80% of the box office during this schedule, showing a head effect again.

However, whether it is a single film or an overall Chinese film, the quality improvement is affected and restricted by the "cooperative force" of many aspects, and the right time and place and one condition are also indispensable.

  Regarding the performance of "Your Wedding" at the beginning of the schedule, Rao Shuguang believes that this shows that the current movie market is mainly dominated by young audiences. At a certain level, the audience's viewing is largely affected by the type, especially the star.

  As for the counterattack in the later period of "On the Cliff", he pointed out that this is the power of word-of-mouth, which is a certain degree of "error correction mechanism" presented by the film market itself.

  Regarding the increasingly "crowded" schedules of theaters here, Rao Shuguang said that the ups and downs of the box office of Chinese movies are becoming more and more closely related to the holidays.

  He believes that the schedule effect of holidays, especially long holidays, is becoming more and more prominent, which is consistent with the current daily life structure and habits of Chinese people.

The structural contradictions in Chinese films, including excessive reliance on the Spring Festival, National Day, May 1st, and some small and long holidays, seem to continue and even become more prominent.

  "This may also force us to open up more schedules, to find a larger market space for multiple types and varieties of movies, to find a differentiated market space, and to make people's viewing habits healthier and more balanced. Despite the holidays The effect is still difficult to effectively solve in a short period of time, but even the best holiday and the best schedule, the quality and reputation of the film are the last word." Rao Shuguang said. (Finish)