An event was held at the zoo in Akita City to coincide with the Golden Week holidays, and the river otter performed a jump to entertain the visitors.

Every year, Omoriyama Zoo organizes an event to showcase animal skills during the Golden Week holidays.

On the 4th, the children were watching the two small-clawed otters show off their pride in their physical abilities, jumping at the bait held by the keeper and dexterously catching the thrown bait.

Visitors enjoyed visiting the park, looking at various animals and taking pictures, taking measures against infection such as wearing masks.

According to the zoo, in addition to the influence of the new coronavirus, the weather was not good, and the number of visitors during the Golden Week holidays was less than half of the usual year until the 3rd, but on the 4th there was a sunny day, and it was about the same as usual, mainly for customers in the prefecture. It means that it has become.

A man from Akita City, who visited with his family, said, "I wanted to create memories for my children nearby. I was surprised by the larger number of customers than I had expected."

Mr. Masaya Miura, Deputy Director of Omoriyama Zoo, said, "It seems that about half of the visitors come from outside Akita Prefecture. I would like to continue to thoroughly implement infection control measures such as disinfection and wearing masks so that I can enjoy it with peace of mind." I did.