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Editor Jin-yoon] Actor Ha-sun Park introduced the self-defense equipment he carries as his belongings and confessed the damage of stalking.

On the 1st, Park Ha-sun revealed the items in her bag through the YouTube channel'Vogue Korea'.

Ha-sun Park pulled out various items from the yellow carrier and introduced them one after another, especially the alarm and the taser, and he drew attention by saying, "Fortunately, I haven't used it yet, but I always carry it with me."

Ha-sun Park first said, "I bought the underground parking lot of my old house because it was too dark and scary. Don't be surprised."

He then said, "I think this is not enough, so I carry another one," he said. "I originally carried a gas gun, but it was too heavy and difficult to aim, so I changed it to a taser."

At the same time, Park Ha-sun confessed to the stalking damage, saying, "The first time I carried this was a fan coming home. It has been a long time since'High Kick', but in fact, such a person is not a fan. He expressed his bitter feelings, saying, “I am so reassuring if I get married.” “It’s still sad to have to live like this.”

In response, netizens left various comments on the video, such as "It hurts so much to carry such a heavy thing", "How hard it would have been to avoid stalking..." We are expressing our regret.

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