During the May 1st holiday, Chongqing became a popular tourist destination.

Visiting the "net celebrity" scenic spot and eating a spicy and delicious Chongqing hot pot are two things that foreign tourists must do when they come to Chongqing.

  On May 3, Hongyadong, a “net celebrity” scenic spot in Chongqing, was crowded during the May 1st holiday, and the huge passenger flow also drove the hot pot business around it.

Chongqing native hot pot, located next to the Hongyadong scenic spot, because the business is really good, the hot pot restaurant invites Sichuan opera performing artists to come and perform the Sichuan opera face-changing, allowing customers to eat hot pot while enjoying the national "intangible cultural heritage" cultural exhibition.

  In addition, in order to express its love to customers, the hot pot restaurant will also give a free meal coupon to customers who have queued up to 10,000 during the "May Day" festival. With this meal coupon, guests can eat for free in the store for one year. Unlimited.

(Reporter Xiao Jiangchuan)

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]