Ma Dong-seok, the leading actor in Marvel Studios' hero movie'Eternals', was first revealed.

On the 3rd local time, Marvel Studios unveiled a lineup of 10 new films through its official YouTube channel.

Starting with'Black Widow', which was confirmed to be released in July, the world-view expansion work'The Legend of Shang-Chi and Ten Rings','Eternals' starring Ma Dong-seok and Angelina Jolie, and'Spider-Man: No Way Home' will be added. Was introduced.

In particular, the short video of'Eternals', which is attracting the hot interest of domestic fans with the appearance of Ma Dong-seok, attracted attention. Ma Dong-seok, who played the role of'Gilgamesh', the hero with the most powerful power in the movie, was next to Angelina Jolie in the short-passed video. Boasted a striking presence in.

Accordingly, domestic netizens expressed their expectation for'Eternals', saying, "I think I will catch Thanos with Ma Dong-seok force." In the released video, not only'Eternals', which was confirmed to be released in November of this year, but also various Marvel works, which are in turn prepared until 2023, predicted a large lineup such as'Doctor Strange','Thor', and'Black Panther'. Sun gathered attention.

(Photo = YouTube'Marvel Entertainment', Ma Dong-Seok Instagram)

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