Today (4th), you should bring an umbrella when you go out.

With the influx of rain clouds, it is currently raining in Gangwon and Jeju Island, but more rain clouds on the West Sea will flow in the future.

It will gradually expand to the whole country, starting with the western ji ice in the metropolitan area, Chungnam, and Honam, and will continue until dawn tomorrow.

The amount of rain expected in the meantime is not small, with a maximum of 80mm in northern Gyeonggi, northern Yeongseo, and southern coastal regions, and as high as 60mm in Seoul, southern Gyeonggi, and southern Yeongseo. Heavy rains exceeding 150mm will be pouring into the east and south.

Along with this rain, the wind will also cause trouble.

Currently, strong wind warnings are issued in Jeju and the west coast.

As the east coast region's winds get stronger, special news will be expanded and effective.

The weather will be cool today.

The daytime temperature in Seoul will stay at 18 degrees Celsius.

Children's Day tomorrow, the sky is expected to clear again from daytime, but the rain will pass and the air will cool.

(Meteorological Caster Tae Bin)