[Explanation] May 3, during the "May 1st" holiday, Lirilang, Qiyunshan Scenic Area, Anhui Province, the ancient Huizhou buildings and houses on the mountain are hidden among the green pine and ancient cypresses. Tourists, some of them are dressed in Ming Dynasty flying fish Some were dressed in Han and Tangyun sleeved suits, and some were dressed as knights, with sabers around their waists... swimming in the meantime.

Whether it is a young individual, a parent-child family group, or an elderly tour group, the "Immersive Retro Tour Qiyun" product launched by the scenic spot has shown great interest.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Yan Xiaolong

  I think the overall feeling is very good for me. In fact, I have been to some mountains, such as Mount Qingcheng and Mount Tai. They are more of a natural landscape to attract me, but when I came to Qiyun Mountain When I was here, I found that there are not only very beautiful natural landscapes, but also this immersive interpretation makes my whole trip very interactive. I can interact with the actors, and this gives me a very good feeling. .

  [Explanation] It is understood that Qiyun Mountain is located in Xiuning County, Anhui Province, and was called Baiyue in ancient times.

There are caves, stone carvings, dripping waterfalls and other landscapes on the mountain, as well as Yuehuatian Street. This street has a long history. During the Ming Dynasty, people from Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places often came to Qiyun Mountain to pray and live on the mountain. Later, many people stayed and lived in the mountain. There are still more than 30 families on Yuehuatian Street.

The houses on the street stand against the cliffs, and the Huizhou horse head wall connects with the blue sky and white clouds, just like a house in the sky.

  [Concurrent] Long Zhun, President of Hefei Square Box Drama Club

  Qiyun Mountain is a sacred place of Taoism, and its cultural heritage is very deep, so we combined each scene, each historical allusion with these profound cultural heritage, and then arranged different works.

First of all, the first one is that the art work we set up is a very immersive theater performance, and then there is a lot of interaction, so the audience can have a lot of immersive and interactive feelings.

Second, while feeling this way, we can also understand and even know the history and culture of Qiyun Mountain, as well as these scenery, allusions, and so on.

  [Explanation] In recent years, Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area has combined mountain travel resources to create immersive retro tourism products. It not only creates an immersive retro atmosphere in form, and provides visitors with a place of "empathy", but also through content innovation and experience design, Create a "long love" experience that can be repeated and memorable for tourists.

  [Concurrent] Mao Xin, General Manager of Qiyunshan Tourism Co., Ltd.

  In the form of role-playing, visitors can change their costumes to browse the scenic spots and experience the content of their roles. At the same time, during the tour, combined with scenic spots to do some scene interpretation, from these aspects, visitors can not only experience our natural landscape environment, but also truly experience us The culture is simple and clear, and you can experience the whole feeling of our landscape and cultural resort.

  Liu Honghe reports from Huangshan, Anhui

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]