Updated Friday, 30April2021-02: 01

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  • Origin of the work The possible Caravaggio belonged to Godoy before arriving at the Royal Academy

  • Owners The Pérez de Castro family, owner of the possible Caravaggio

  • Jorge Coll Interview: "My job is to find as many buyers as possible for the alleged Caravaggio"

  • Purchase attempt The possible Caravaggio had an international offer of 20 million euros

The document is dated February 16, 1823 and is the record that includes the exchange of Evaristo Pérez de Castro with the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts.

It reads like this: "Mr. D. Evaristo Pérez de Castro had requested from Mr. Vice-Protector permission to change a painting of San Juan Bautista painted by Alonso Cano, for one of the four that he designated belonging to the Academy; and preceded an acknowledgment made by the General Director and Directors and Lieutenants of Pint

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