What is that supposed to be good for?

There are many reasons not to drink alcohol.

One of them: You just don't feel like having a hangover, like Stella Strüfing.

The business administration graduate was sitting with friends in a bar with friends and only found sweet alternatives to alcoholic beverages on the menu.

So she came up with the idea of ​​Laori, a distillate made from herbs and spices with a juniper aroma that is supposed to taste like gin but is alcohol-free.

Strüfing founded together with the food technician Christian Zimmermann, the two Laori have just pitched in the “Lions' Den”.

How much does it cost?

The 0.5 liter bottle costs 24.90 euros in the online shop.

Is that a real innovation?


The idea of ​​offering non-alcoholic wine and spirits alternatives is not new.

For example, there is a wine substitute from Column Zero.

And what about gin in concrete terms?

If you are looking for it, you will find various brands that offer non-alcoholic substitutes, for example Siegfried Wonderleaf (0.5 liters for 18.90 euros) and Seedlip (0.5 liters for around 21.30 euros).


Do you need that? Our test result:

50 milliliters of Laori and 150 milliliters of tonic water - this recipe for an alcohol-free gin and tonic substitute is on the Laori bottle. We stuck to it when mixing an after-work drink. As soon as we opened the bottle, we noticed the gin-like smell of juniper. Gin gets its characteristic taste mainly through the flavoring with spices such as juniper berries, and juniper aroma is also among the ingredients of Laori. You can taste that strong too. The Laori tonic in our mouth definitely reminded us of the alcoholic model. It is logical that it does not taste exactly the same 1 to 1. After all, drinks with alcohol have a certain spiciness, which is omitted here.

For people who want to completely avoid alcohol, it may be interesting that Laori contains a small amount of it. According to the brand's blog, it's “less than 0.3 percent alcohol” (due to the juniper aroma that contains alcohol). That is why Laori is only allowed to call itself “alcohol-free” and not write “without alcohol” on the bottle - in Germany only products containing 0.0 percent alcohol are allowed in the latter. But you don't have to fear intoxication and hangovers. Because what many do not know and what Laori also cites on his blog: Many foods such as ripe fruit also contain small amounts of alcohol, but they are harmless (this is explained again here in more detail).

Ultimately, it is exactly the same with the gin alternatives as with the gin itself: There are differences in taste.

The juniper taste is very present at Laori, Seedlip has a drink with a tangerine note and Siegfried Wonderleaf smells of lemon.

The best thing to do is to try it out yourself if you are interested.

Lions den products put to the test

More information at www.laoridrinks.com