On Thursday, April 29, the closing ceremony of the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival took place.

During the ceremony in the building of the former cinema "Russia" (now it houses the Musical Theater) the winners of the show were awarded.

The main prize, "Golden Saint George", went to the comedy of the Romanian director Andrei Khutsulyak "# Zasranka" (#dogpoopgirl).

The actress Andrei Gremoštyan, who played in it, was also awarded the award for the best performance of a female role.

The #Fucker feed demonstrates a critical view of modernity - a time in which social networks have an almost limitless impact on the minds and behavior of people.

The script is based on one of the first high-profile cases of online bullying.

The special jury prize went to the comedy "Bloodsuckers" (Blutsauger) by the German director Julian Radlmeier, known for the films "Self-criticism of the Bourgeois Dog" and "The Winter's Tale of the Proletariat".

The film is set in the 1920s at a resort in Germany around an eccentric vampire and an emigrant from the Soviet Union.

Despite the fact that the plot is based on the relationship of the main characters, "Bloodsuckers" is an outright satire, a metaphorical statement on socio-political issues.

  • © Shot from the movie "#But"

The award for the best directing was taken by the Russian Alexei Fedorchenko, who released the picture "The Last" Sweet Bulgaria ". A film in the genre of a psychoanalytic detective based on the story of Mikhail Zoshchenko "Before the Sunrise". This work played an important role in the life of the writer. Zoshchenko approached him in the hope of understanding the reasons for his blues and fears and freeing himself from them. The Soviet government considered the story "harmful", as stated in the famous decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) "On the magazines" Zvezda "and" Leningrad ". Zoshchenko stopped printing and was deprived of his livelihood.

“The film is dedicated to the study of the anatomy of melancholy and depression ... It was a great surprise for us that this film became relevant, because moods in many ways overlap.

But we think that the depression will pass and the apple tree will bloom, ”Fedorchenko stressed during the award ceremony.

Best Actor Award went to

Soheil Ghannadan, who starred in the Iranian film "Son" (Pesar) directed by Nushin Meraji.

The best film of the Documentary Film Competition was the Swedish film “Sabaya” by the director of Kurdish origin Hogir Hirori.

The heroes of the film are people who went to the Middle East to rescue women exploited by Islamic State * militants.

The special prize of the Documentary Film Competition was given to the Amurskaya Golgotha ​​of the Russian woman Yulia Sergina.

The film tells the story of a taxi driver who decided to become “the main people's journalist” and change people's lives for the better.

The Best Film Short Film Competition went to the German film Colleagues (Kollegen), directed by Yannis Alexander Kiefer.

The main characters are carpenters who make swastikas.

The winner of the Audience Award was the Greek film "The Man of God" about the life of Metropolitan Nektarios of Eginsky.

Russian actor Alexander Petrov and Golden Globe laureate Mickey Rourke starred in the film, among others.

The special prize “I Believe.

Konstantin Stanislavsky ”was awarded to the Soviet and Russian actor, film director, screenwriter Sergei Nikonenko.

On April 16, the People's Artist of Russia turned 80 years old.

The 2021 competition program included 11 ribbons.

Serbia, Greece, Spain, India, Japan, Venezuela, Norway, Italy, China, Iran and other countries were represented at the festival.

The opening film was a picture of Timur Bekmambetov and Sergei Trofimov "Devyatayev" about the feat of the Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Devyatayev.

The show was closed by the musical "Cafe of My Memory", a joint production of Finland and France.

  • © Shot from the movie "Bloodsuckers"

The first show was held on February 21, 1935 at the Udarnik cinema.

Then the event was called "Soviet Film Festival in Moscow".

Over the years of the MIFF's existence, Federico Fellini, Istvan Szabo, Akira Kurosava, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Andrzej Wajda, Georgy Danelia, Stanley Kramer, Grigory Chukhrai and many others have become its laureates.

Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch, Jean Mare, Yves Montand and Anna Magnani came as guests to the festival.

Since 1999, the show has been headed by film director Nikita Mikhalkov.

* "Islamic State" (IS) - the organization was recognized as terrorist by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014.