Although the Golden Week holidays have begun, many shops are closed in the tourist areas of Kyoto, and tourists can hardly be seen and it is quiet.

Of these, in Arashiyama, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, which is crowded with tourists every year, most restaurants and souvenir shops are temporarily closed due to the state of emergency.

It was raining in the morning of the 29th, so it was quiet with few people walking around the tourist attractions Togetsu Bridge and the shopping district.

A man in his 80s who visited a nearby shrine from Kita-ku, Kyoto, said, "I was surprised that no one was walking at all. I have no choice but to refrain from going out, but I hope that the infection will be resolved soon." Was there.

On the other hand, some restaurants stopped selling alcoholic beverages and focused on take-out and continued to operate during the Golden Week holidays.

Yusuke Maeda, the owner of the hamburger shop, said, "Although the Golden Week holidays have begun, I think that the number of customers visiting the shop will decrease, so we are focusing on takeout for locals. I want it. "

All parking lots on the shore of Lake Biwa are closed Shiga

Shiga Prefecture has closed all parking lots such as prefectural parks on the shores of Lake Biwa from the 29th in order to suppress visitors from outside the prefecture during the Golden Week holidays while emergency declarations are being issued to Kyoto and Osaka. ..

In response to the declaration of emergency in Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto, Shiga Prefecture wants to suppress visitors from outside the prefecture during the Golden Week holidays, so from the 29th to the 11th of next month, a prefectural park on the shore of Lake Biwa, etc. Decided to close all parking lots in Kyoto.

There are more than 2000 parking lots in 64 locations, of which the parking lot at Yabasekihantou Park in Kusatsu City was closed by a contractor from 8:30 am.

Workers closed the parking lot entrance with a sign saying "Camping barbecue prohibited". While barbecuing and camping in the park are prohibited, people living nearby can walk and jog.

According to the prefecture, when we checked the usage status of the parking lot on the shore of Lake Biwa on the 24th and 25th of this month, 28% of the cars were numbered outside the prefecture. Decided to close due to concerns from the citizens of the prefecture about shopping and eating and drinking. "