[Explanation] 11 years ago, South Korean student Park Yong Suk came to China to seek medical treatment and study medicine. He visited Beijing, Qinghai, and Gansu, and now he has become a postgraduate of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"Seeking medical treatment" made Piao Rongshuo "linked" to Chinese medicine. The 24-year-old was suffering from liver disease. Although Western medicine treatment has relieved, chronic drug-induced liver injury made him feel tired and insomnia. This made him feel tired and insomnia. The focus shifted to Korean medicine and Chinese medicine.

In 2010, he did not speak Chinese and came to Beijing to work in an international school.

I came to Qinghai, China in 2011, and started the "ascetic monk"-like learning journey of Chinese medicine.

After professional studies, in 2015, he became a foreign student of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as he wished.

  A few days ago, Park Rongshuo, who was preparing for the Chinese physician qualification examination, received an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency at Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He said that Chinese medicine has saved his life. In order to let more people enjoy Chinese medicine, he traveled thousands of miles to Gansu to learn real Chinese medicine.

  [Concurrent] Park Yong Suk, a Korean student

  Gansu Province is a place with history and culture. If you want to learn Chinese medicine, you have to learn not only medicine, but also ancient Chinese philosophy, history and culture. So I came to Gansu to study. I thought I could learn real Chinese medicine.

  [Explanation] Park Rong Suk said frankly that the knowledge of Chinese medicine is too rich. The most troublesome is classical Chinese books, ancient prescriptions, etc. The time spent is four times that of Chinese students, so he had to bring a dictionary at any time to consult teachers and classmates.

He also said that Korean and Chinese have similarities. Koreans have comparative advantages in learning Chinese and Chinese medicine. It is difficult to imagine the difficulty of learning Chinese medicine for students from other countries.

  [Concurrent] Park Yong Suk, a Korean student

  I didn't understand the lesson at all when I was learning to translate ancient Chinese. After reading a page of the translated ancient Chinese content, I spent eight hours reading it, and when I read it again, I still couldn't understand it.

For foreigners like us, it is really difficult to learn. In fact, some words in Korean are Chinese words, so the concept is similar.

But if people from other countries in Europe and the United States not only have to recite the word but also understand the concept, it is not easy for them, so Koreans have an advantage in reading Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine.

  [Explanation] Currently, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has enrolled 119 international students from 17 countries along the “Belt and Road”.

Since 2013, Gansu has established Qihuang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine Centers in countries along the “Belt and Road” such as Ukraine, France, New Zealand, Hungary, and other countries along the “Belt and Road” to promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine.

  [Concurrent] Park Yong Suk, a Korean student

  I have been in contact with many foreign students from other countries in our school. I found that they pay more attention to Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture. They say that acupuncture treatment is very popular in their country now, so more of their students are willing to come to China to study .

  [Explanation] In the end, Park Yong Suk said that Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular outside of China, and he hopes to better promote the integration of Chinese and Western medicine in the future, and his own dream is to be a doctor in China and go to the grassroots to let Chinese medicine help more. People relieve pain.

  Reporter Li Yalong Ding Si reports from Lanzhou, Gansu

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