Parents have been struggling with homework for a long time!

As the father of a third-grade child, tutoring the child's homework every night is a "homework" for me and my lover.

From the first grade to the third grade, under the influence of our scolding and "chicken soup", the children can do the questions much faster than before, and the homework that can be brought back also gives us a lot of burden.

  To be honest, there are some homework assignments that test parents at all, not for children.

For a family composition, the teacher assigns a task. Parents should help their children draw up a title, outline an outline, talk about ideas, and make corrections, and finally sign it, both as a teacher and as a "supervisor."

Am I too angry, I mumbled at home: Why do you need the teacher?

This can be considered an easy task, and some homework is very troublesome.

I remember a time when I added a bit of "strong material" to my regular homework and asked the child to finish drawing the "Beishan Jing" in the Classic of Mountains and Seas on the weekend. There are 87 mountains and rare birds and monsters.

There is really no way. I have no basis in painting. I used my mobile phone to search for simple strokes and draw the gourd. The child was responsible for the final coloring. I spent two days tossing about it.

As far as I know, there may not be many families who eat this kind of "family bucket" like us.

When parents help their children solve homework problems, there is no shortage of complaints about teachers and homework.

But in the face of reality, helpless, my love and I can only smile bitterly, and patiently continue our tutoring homework.

  Now, we are very happy to see that the latest documents released by the Ministry of Education are precisely on the "acupoints" of homework.

According to the document: Strictly control the total amount of written homework, and make specific time requirements for different stages and grades. "No written homework is assigned to the first and second grades of elementary school, and the average time for completing written homework in other grades of elementary school per day does not exceed 60 minutes", "It is strictly forbidden to assign or disguise assignments to parents, and it is strictly forbidden to ask parents to correct the assignments", etc.

My love and I saw this news and our minds relaxed a lot.

This may mean: After the child returns home, he can go to play outside, go to bed early at night, and no longer have to be "kidnapped" by homework.

  However, we also have new concerns: Can this document be implemented?

Quality education has been mentioned for so many years, but in real life, exam-oriented education is always the most popular.

Looking at each city, isn’t the Olympiad training class still the most popular in secret?

We are also worried that if the homework is gone, will the extra school make-up classes bring us more pressure?

In spite of the document requirements, "all localities must make the prohibition of leaving homework as an important part of the daily supervision of off-campus training institutions", and effectively avoid "burden reduction within the school and burden increase outside the school."

But the problem is that in the face of realistic competitive pressures, parents will always be anxious, and there will always be some off-campus training institutions looking at business opportunities. The result is that the school has no tasks, and the off-campus tutoring is flourishing, and the parents burn and spend money. The time and energy are not as good as the day when the school assigns homework.

  Perhaps our worries are just groundless worries.

With the release of the Ministry of Education’s documents and the improvement of related supporting measures, the “burden reduction” of homework has been truly realized. Children can happily “recharge” at school, exercise and rest happily when they go home, and various off-campus tutoring agencies have also Be effectively regulated, and work together to cheer for the overall growth of children.

We hope that this dream of parents will not be far away.

  Liu Yuting Source: China Youth Daily

  Version 08 on April 28, 2021