"Tam Tam" presented the works under the slogan "Dream and Hope"

A Saudi artist sings for love during the evenings of the Abu Dhabi Festival

"Tam Tam" presented four songs.

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Abu Dhabi Festival 2021, sponsored by the main partner Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), in its 18th edition, which is held under the slogan "The Future Starts Now", Saudi artist Reem Al Tamimi, known as "Tam Tam", in a musical performance. Rouhani under the slogan "Dream and Hope", in celebration of the human values ​​around which religions unite with love, through the festival's digital platforms.

"Tam Tam" starred in performing four songs of her musical composition, which are: “I knew the passion” from Rabia’s poetry, “One Earth” from her lyrics, “By God, the sun did not rise or set” from the poetry of Al-Hallaj, and “Qum” Rise »from her words and Jordan Benjamin, in cooperation with Hiba Al-Kawas Academy, where the soprano and composer, Dr. Heba Al-Kawas, provided artistic patronage to Tamimi, by training and refining her talent and vocal abilities.

"I am honored to be part of the series of Ramadan campaign activities for the Abu Dhabi Festival with a group of creative musicians and singers," said "Tam Tam", adding: "I was very excited to meet the challenge of converting two beautiful spiritual Arabic poems into songs, and I really enjoyed this experience and work." With Dr. Heba Al Kawas, who contributed to refining my talent and empowering my vocal abilities. ”

"Tam Tam" continued: "The inspiration in the series of Ramadan evenings, the words, meanings and messages behind these songs, which reflect love, humanity, communication and spirituality, and it is important to communicate this message through music, because music brings people together from all over the world, regardless of the language they are in." They talk about it, everyone can feel the music. ”

The Abu Dhabi Festival continues its presentation of spiritual events during the holy month, and tomorrow the Grammy nominated artist will present Misa a lot in a work titled: "Supplication".

The series of Ramadan activities falls under the slogan “Human brotherhood… sophistication and hope”, as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival 2021 events program, and includes a digital performance with the participation of a group of leading artists and creators, for more than 25 songs and prayers for 11 poets and writers, performed by eight singers and singers accompanied by 60 musicians.

Those wishing to enjoy the Ramadan evenings series, or learn more about the various offers, can visit the social media platforms, or the festival's Ramadan events page.

A whole year

Abu Dhabi Festival 2021 continues, in its 18th edition, and will last for a whole year.

It combines traditional and virtual performances based on the latest digital technologies, as well as a group of performances and exhibitions, with the participation of 500 artists from more than 50 countries, as well as 16 international performances for the first time, 12 new productions for the festival, and eight joint international productions.

• "Tam Tam": "Music brings people together from all over the world, regardless of language."

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