The National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL) of Air France is embarking on health advice.

The union organization called on Monday, in a leaflet, the pilots of the company not vaccinated against Covid-19 to refuse flights to India, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and Chile.

“Refuse flights to India, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, as long as you are not vaccinated,” reads this leaflet, which confirms information from



The “individual right of withdrawal is fully justified in this case”, adds the union organization.

If "the destinations prohibited or imposing a strict quarantine to passengers multiply (...), Air France crews continue to go there without their health or that of those around them being taken into account", protests the SNPL.

"Cargo flights" are maintained "on destinations prohibited to passengers" and there is "no follow-up measure for the seafarers on their return to France", according to the leaflet.

Criticism of the government

The union further regrets that the government has "still not included flight personnel" within "professions benefiting from a priority all relating to vaccination" against Covid-19.

And the SNPL warns that it will not be satisfied with "an announcement effect" opening "a priority to the over 55s only".

Recalling that the UN and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) "are asking for the priority vaccination of crew members", the trade union organization considers that "the French government has not taken the measure of the situation ".

Thus, he considers "unacceptable that the flight personnel, who have contributed since the start of the crisis to the transport of masks, vaccines and medical equipment throughout the world, are thus forgotten when they expose themselves to dangerous variants".


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