• Kaley Cuoco is the heroine and executive producer of "The Flight Attendant", which airs this Tuesday at 8:55 pm on Warner TV.

  • In this dark comedy, she plays Cassie, a flight attendant with a serious penchant for alcohol and one-night stands.

  • During a stopover, Cassie wakes up with a heavy hangover… and a corpse lying beside her…

A delightfully funny and absurd mystery! In

The Flight Attendant

, adaptation of the eponymous novel by Chris Bohjalian for HBO Max, broadcast in France this Tuesday at 8:55 p.m. on Warner TV, the ex-star of

The Big Bang Theory

, Kaley Cuoco lends her features to Cassie Bowden, a hostess of looks with a serious penchant for alcohol and short-lived adventures, as with this handsome dark man, Alex Sokolov, sitting on the 3C seat (Michiel Huisman, aka Daario Naharis in

Game of Thrones

)… Except that she wakes up the next morning in a hotel room in Bangkok, with a serious hangover and the corpse of the passenger lying by his side. Focus on this clever and sparkling thriller.

“When I came across

The Flight attendant

, it was a dark book, very, very dark.

I made it clear that if the project went ahead, we had to change the tone by infusing it with my comic energy, ”explains Kaley Cuoco, also executive producer of the show, during an exclusive Canneseries conversation, which will be posted online in full this Tuesday on the festival's YouTube channel and to which

20 Minutes

had preview access.

A heroine who makes all the wrong choices

Carried by an often jubilant humor,

The Flight Attendant fully

plays the black comedy card. When Cassie wakes up next to Alex Solokov's corpse, his throat is slit, and her, memories. Because she fears being charged with the murder, Cassie will make an avalanche of mistakes. She first decides not to warn the authorities. Then, she cleans up the crime scene and leaves the room as if nothing had happened, even though she was caught on camera by the hotel's surveillance cameras.

Upon returning home to New York, the FBI, informed of the murder of Alex Sokolov, wishes to question the crew.

Cassie tries to take the tangent without ever fully grasping the magnitude of the situation in which she finds herself.

This is all the salt of the series.

“In the darkest times, life can be funny, weird and quirky,” comments Kaley Cuoco.

And we delight in seeing this heroine, incredibly inept, systematically make the wrong decisions, as when in a horror film, the heroine rushes straight towards danger.

An investigation into hazy memories

Is Cassie guilty as suspected by FBI agents (Merle Dandridge and Nolan Gerard Funk)?

And if it isn't, is it in danger?

With the help of her best friend Annie (Zosia Mamet), who is - fortunately for Cassie - a shrewd lawyer, and her companion (Deniz Akdeniz), who is - it is also good - a hacker, she intends to find out who killed Alex Solokov.

Then begins the investigation in search of this mysterious Miranda met with Alex in Bangkok (Michelle Gomez) and hazy memories of that crazy night.

“At first, everyone loves her, she sets the mood.

But we understand, over the course of the episodes, that she is an alcoholic, ”explains Kaley Cuoco.

His escapades and his increasingly strange behavior are seriously starting to tire those around him: his brother, Davey (TR Knight, the unforgettable George from

Grey's Anatomy

) or even his colleague, Megan (Rosie Perez).

A success already renewed for a season 2

Gradually emerges the emotional ruin of Cassie, this fall announced in the superb credits à la Saul Bass recalling those, famous, of

Catch me if you can

by Steven Spielberg or

Mad Men


"For me, in two minutes, we explain the series, we set the tone," said the executive producer.

Critical and public success in the United States,

The Flight Attendant

is already renewed for a season 2. “People were surprised that I did something so different,” laughs Kaley Cuoco.

Nominated for the Golden Globes for her performance, the actress here shows the extent of her sense of comedic timing, but also plays with enough vulnerability and fragility that the viewer can always empathize with her character, haunted by many traumas.

“I am a very instinctive, very reactive actress.

It helped me because Cassie reacts very quickly to things.

It's a real tornado, ”she says.

The Flight Attendant

captivates thanks to the conversations Cassie has with herself, the vintage split-screens and the pleasure of seeing Kaley Cuoco spreading her wings.

In short, we do not shy away from our pleasure in front of this sparkling and dark mystery, which we devour like a good beach book.


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