Saudi opera singer shines at the Abu Dhabi Festival

Mohammed Al-Zahrani sings of love and peace

Muhammad Al-Zahrani during the performance of the song "Highest and Amjad".

From the source

Within the exclusive commissioning and special production work of the Abu Dhabi Festival, in its 18th session, under the slogan "The Future Starts Now", the festival presented the operatic singer, Muhammad Khairan Al-Zahrani, in a special work entitled "Atheer", as part of the Ramadan Festival evenings series, and the sparkle of Zahrani, which is considered the first A Saudi artist joins an Italian choir in Rome, and one of the most prominent young Saudi talents in operatic singing, during the evening, which witnessed wide participation and interaction from the audience, performing the song "Highest and Amjad", which composed its music and led the accompanying musical performance by members of the orchestra Lebanese Philharmonic, composer, soprano and academic d. Heba al-Kawas, from the poetry of Hassan bin Thabit, to reflect the capabilities of his voice and in tune with his energies, and to show his voice space.

And I supervised d.

Al-Qawas on “Atheer”, which presented a unique sound of a different type and style, carried a distinctive imprint, with a voice that simulates the ether, penetrating the traditional space and extending it to a further space, through a series of professional lessons.

Al-Qawas said on the authority of Al-Zahrani that he is a talent distinguished by the nature of his voice, and that he is distinguished by the very high pitch of which he reaches, such as al-Kanar, but some of the containor voices, including Muhammad, in return have a bass layer (baritone), through which he reaches low levels.

Al-Zahrani said: “This participation is an important addition to my career. This is the first time that I sing in Arabic and in an operatic way, and it was a difficult challenge.”

He continued: “Spreading love, peace and unity in the world, each in his own way, can make a difference and make it a more positive place to live in, by embracing and spreading love, peace and unity to others.”

• Al-Zahrani is the first Saudi artist to join an Italian choir in Rome.

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