How about going back to the office a bit more?

Not the one installed between the ironing board and the basket of dirty laundry, but the real desk.

That of the open space, meeting rooms, cafes with colleagues.

While the government is preparing the stages of a very gradual deconfinement from mid-May, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, is examining the issue of teleworking.

A meeting is scheduled for Monday evening with the social partners, to discuss a possible relaxation of the rules in the coming weeks.

And what about you?

This possible relaxation of “compulsory” teleworking, set up to fight against Covid-19, does it make you happy?

Are you eager to come back more, to see your colleagues a little more, your work environment?

Or on the contrary, this more frequent return scares you concerning possible contaminations?

Do you like working at home and don't feel like going back to work more often?

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Coronavirus: Elisabeth Borne is studying a relaxation of health rules in companies

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