The news of the death of an aspiring actor Jo Hana, who appeared in'Ask Bodhisattva' at the young age of 23, is causing regret.

Hana Jo's news was known when an acquaintance announced the death of her on social media. One of his acquaintances posted a picture taken with the deceased on social media on the 15th and said, "A small, good child who dreamed of becoming an actor went up to the sky as a small flower bud at the age of only 23." “I lost my life through voice phishing, suffered alone, and chose a life without pain,” he said.

Another acquaintance also revealed a picture of the ashes through social media, saying, "I want to be born as a rich cat in the next life," and "I want to be born as my daughter in the next life. I will give you a lot of love. I will be by my side without being lonely."

Hana Jo appeared in KBSjoy's entertainment program'Ask Anything' in May of last year, and is a person who gathered attention. At that time, he had not been registered for birth, so he revealed the story of having lived without a name for 19 years.

In the broadcast, Hana Jo explained that his parents divorced due to his father's violence and gambling as a child, and in the process, he did not report his birth. As a result, he said he could not go through the regular curriculum and studied alone and took the GED.

At the age of 19, he went to an attorney and got the name Jo Hana. He confessed that it would be right to contact his father. He said he would like to meet his father, whom he had contacted after 11 years, but if he meets him, he will have an obligation to support him.

Hana Jo received support from many people with a bright and spirited appearance despite her difficult family affairs. After broadcasting, he opened a YouTube channel to communicate with netizens.

Many people are expressing condolences for his bright and spirited secret. The netizens are saddened by commenting on the video of the broadcast that the deceased appeared in his lifetime.

[Photo = Captured video of the late Jo Hana's'Ask Bodhisattva']

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(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)