Kuwait .. The accused in killing Farah claims that she committed suicide, and the prosecution is requesting the maximum penalty against him

The repercussions of the murder of Farah Hamza Akbar, which shook the Kuwaiti street a few days ago, are still going on today.

The Public Prosecution charged with premeditated murder and coerced kidnapping against the accused, Fahd Subhi Muhyiddin, a young Kuwaiti national of about 30 years old, demanding that the maximum death penalty be applied against him.

And local media revealed that the accused tried to disavow his act and deny it before the court, claiming that the girl victim had taken out a knife from her vehicle and stabbed herself with it.

Meanwhile, the information reported that the authorities are searching for the crime tool after the killer mentioned two different places where he allegedly dumped it during interrogation.

According to the Public Prosecution documents, the murderer Fahd Subhi Muhyiddin had little knowledge of the traitor, Farah, and the relationship ended, before she was harassed by him and reached the point of submitting a complaint against him to the Public Prosecution.

While the prosecution will send the case file early next week to the court, to be the fastest case that has been legally immunized and submitted to the justice and justice platform.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced last Tuesday evening that the Criminal Security Sector had arrested a citizen who committed a murder in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, after he stabbed a woman against the background of her lawyer sister filing a case against him accusing him of attempted murder.

In the details of the ministry’s statement, it was found that the killer kidnapped the woman from her car on the highway and took her to an "unknown destination", where he stabbed her in the heart.

Then her body was found later in a hospital south of Kuwait City.

It indicated that the accused was referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against him.

A video clip of a woman screaming and explaining the story also spread on Twitter and saying that the perpetrator kidnapped her sister due to the approaching court session in the case that she filed against him, after he collided with her car and stopped her by force.

In addition, the pioneers of the communication sites demanded that the harshest punishments be imposed on the murderer and supported the right of the woman victim.