In the underground shopping mall in Osaka City, which was requested to be closed due to the state of emergency, the management company is busy with measures such as handing out leaflets calling for closure from the 25th.

Due to the state of emergency, large commercial facilities will be required to be closed except for the sales floor for daily necessities, and underground malls will also be covered.

In the underground shopping mall "Whity Umeda" in Kita-ku, Osaka, which houses about 180 tenants, employees of the management company visited each store on the morning of the 24th and handed out leaflets, calling for a temporary closure from the 25th. ..

In order to curb the flow of people, the leaflet calls on all stores in the facility to be closed, and if you want to open a store that sells daily necessities that are not subject to the request, notify the management company. It is stated that you want it.

Masayuki Higashi, the manager of the conveyor belt sushi restaurant who received the leaflet, said, "There is a doubt that takeout is not possible, but it is a request from the facility, so we have to obey it."

In addition, Yuta Oshiro, the manager of an Okinawan restaurant, said, "I've been hit by Corona for a year and it seems like I'm feeling down, but it's the only way to curb the flow of people. I have no choice but to hope that the spread of the infection will subside." I was talking.

Some tourist spots in Kyoto complain about the difficult situation from restaurants

In addition, the tourist spots in Kyoto are sparsely populated, and restaurants have complained about the difficult situation.

In Gion, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, on the 24th, there were not many tourists on the street where many shops were lined up, and the number of people was sparse.

A couple in their 40s, who came from Shijonawate City, Osaka, said, "I came before the state of emergency was declared because I had something to do. From the 25th, I will refrain from going out unnecessarily and will spend my time quietly at home." I did.

Norio Kitamura, the chairman of the Gion Shopping Street Promotion Association and the owner of the sushi restaurant, said, "Last month, we had a slight recovery during the Sakura season. Is in a rattling state, decreasing from 1/20 to 1/30. Although the declaration has a feeling of "again" and it is a difficult situation, first of all, in response to a request to improve the infection situation I would like to forgo the provision of alcoholic beverages. "

Many people are in the amusement park, which is closed from the 25th

Asakusa Hanayashiki, an amusement park in Taito-ku, Tokyo, has decided to close from the 25th to the 11th of next month. This is the second time since the state of emergency was declared last year that the park will be temporarily closed after the spread of the new coronavirus.

At this amusement park, the number of visitors per day is limited to 5,000, and we have continued to operate by taking measures against infection such as measuring the body temperature at the time of admission and diligently disinfecting the handrails of attractions.

Many people, including families, enjoyed the attraction while the measures were taken on the 24th.

A man who visited with four family members said, "I was thinking of coming during the Golden Week holidays, but I decided to come because it will be closed. I will spend the holidays at home or in a nearby park." I was talking.

In addition, a man in his twenties said, "It's a pity that there will be no place to take a break during the Golden Week holidays. I hope you can put up with it a little more and stop the spread of the infection."

Asakusa Hanayashiki's Higo Osamu Facility Management Manager said, "Continuing from last year, it is difficult for us to have to close the park at the time of the most scraping, but after the declaration is lifted, we will make possible preparations during the holiday so that we can enjoy it again. I want to proceed. "