• What if the Covid-19 epidemic had been written a long time ago?

    Or, more precisely, drawn in a comic book commissioned by the European Union?

  • This is what some Internet users say, relaying extracts from


    , a book published in 2012 in which a man from the future tries to prevent the spread of a virus that is deadly for humans. 

  • If these “coincidences” seem disturbing in the eyes of some, the work, imagined by the screenwriter Jean-David Morvan, was simply based on the scientific knowledge of the time, as he explains to

    20 Minutes

If you still doubted that the Covid-19 pandemic was planned by great powers to serve their politico-financial interests, reading a comic book produced on behalf of the European Union ten years ago years should definitely change your mind.

In any case, a viral tweet intends to denounce this alleged scandal: "When we learn that the European Union, several years before the Covid-19, had financed a comic strip called soberly


where you have someone who arrives from the future and warns EU commissioners that a vaccine will arrive from… Wuhan ”. As a source, the message relays the extract of an intervention by the influential blogger Pierre Jovanovic to the conspiracy site France-Soir, in which he brandishes pages from this book.

When we learn that the European Union, several years before # COVID19, had funded a comic strip called soberly "Infected" where "you have someone who comes from the future and warns the EU commissioners that a vaccine is going arrive from ... Wuhan »🔮🤔 @ pierrejovanovic pic.twitter.com/bCn7jfUytt

- Strategieduchoc 🇫🇷 (@strategieduchoc) April 22, 2021

But if this comic does exist, it makes no mention of Wuhan.

And it did not predict the Covid-19 pandemic either, as a simple reading of these thirty pages, available on a European Union site since the beginning of 2012, shows it.




, the famous screenwriter Jean-David Morvan and the cartoonist Huang Jia Wei stage the appearance, in 2006, in a high-security P4 laboratory where viruses are being studied, of a visitor from the year 2111.

It arises in this installation located in Beijing (and not in Wuhan) to change the course of history by preventing the emergence of a new virus transmitted to humans by a monkey.

Virus that will cause nearly a billion deaths and lead to the establishment of a siled society, where men are separated from each other, having been kept away from animals to avoid any new zoonosis.

Even if it means increasing the factors conducive to the emergence of this type of epidemic, such as pollution and the destruction of wildlife ...

Contacted by

20 Minutes

, Jean-David Morvan confides that he had "somewhat forgotten this comic" produced in "less than a year", and not to have thought about it himself when the Covid-19 appeared: " It came back to me a few months ago when I was contacted by an English journalist and an Indian journalist about it. "

"I discovered this project thanks to a great Belgian illustrator, a friend, who told me:" I have this plan to do something with the European Commission, does that tell you? " I said yes because it's always interesting to learn new things, a meeting took place and we talked about it. The European Commission wanted to distribute the comic strip in schools, explaining what a future pandemic could be, and their profession, the means to try to prevent that, ”recalls the prolific screenwriter, known in particular for his work on


or even

Spirou and Fantasio


The last pages of the book thus deliver several factual information on zoonoses, the Ebola epidemic that occurred a few years earlier, or on the P4 laboratories, in accordance with the spirit of this comic that the EU presents as " a fictitious story but nevertheless containing factual information ”.

A plot that takes place in China to facilitate the work ... of the designer

“The plot takes place in China quite simply because the designer, Huang Jia Wei, lived in Beijing and it was easier for him to draw this type of scenery!

I am flattered that people think I imagined the Covid-19 pandemic but this is not the case ”, laughs for his part Jean-David Morvan, who simply regrets having received a single copy of the comic strip, finally released online.

"I was completely free to design the scenario, which looks a bit like that of

The Army of 12 Monkeys

with this idea of ​​time travel: it is not at all realistic, but the context of possible epidemics at the time, with Ebola and H1N1, it is, ”concludes Jean-David Morvan, one of whose last comics,

Madeleine, resistant,

retraces a true story: that of the resistant Madeleine Riffaud.

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