, April 23. The original musical "In That Faraway Place 2514" produced by the Haidian Theater will kick off its first round of performances at the Haidian Theater on May 20.

Poster for the musical "In That Faraway Place 2514".

Picture courtesy of the show

  The folk songs created by Wang Luobin have been sung in generations.

Among them, works such as "In That Faraway Place", "Forever Separated by a River", "The Girl of Daban City", and "The Dance of Youth" have been re-created and extended by generations of artists, and they have blossomed in different eras in different art forms. Always exudes fresh vitality.

  The musical "In That Faraway Place 2514" will perform a new interpretation of classic folk songs.

The play will use contemporary perspectives and contemporary artistic techniques to tell this classic and legendary Chinese music story in a space science fiction story.

The final makeup photo of the musical "In That Faraway Place 2514".

Picture courtesy of the show

  The play tells the story of 2121 AD, when the "Shepherd" spacecraft responsible for space migration received mysterious electric waves from the universe during its journey.

Through AI analysis, biologist Chen Xi and captain Yan Ling discovered that Wang Luobin’s song was coming from the radio waves.

In order to investigate the mysterious radio waves, the two people who originally hated each other had to enter the virtual reality of the song's background together, and experience the story behind his song from Wang Luobin's perspective.

As the song played, the two learned about Wang Luobin's life experience, and in the process began to love each other.

At this time, the spacecraft detected the mysterious radio waves from alien life on neighboring planets.

In communicating with alien life, Chen Xi and Yan Ling each saw their own hearts clearly...

  In this musical, Wang Luobin's life experience and the story between the protagonist, the female captain Yan Ling and the male scientist Chen Xi in the play, have coincidences and similarities that travel through time and space.

In the complicated and confusing hard-core science fiction stories that travel through time and space, Wang Luobin's music has become a series of key narrative clues and the code of life, interlaced in the past, present, and future.

  "In That Faraway Place 2514" attempts to sincerely explore the meaning and value of "the past" in the vast unknown universe and the ever-evolving future, and connect people in different situations with love.

  The play is based on Mr. Wang Luobin’s classic folk music works and legendary life, with Wang Haicheng’s son Wang Haicheng as the art consultant.

Wang Haicheng provided Wang Luobin's life experience and context of his works.

The final makeup photo of the musical "In That Faraway Place 2514".

Picture courtesy of the show

  After screenwriter director Zhuang Yi, music director and composer Jin Peida and other core creators systematically sorted out a large number of historical materials and works, they went to Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and other places for several months of inspections, collected and sorted the materials, and finally set the story full The space theme of science and technology and the sense of the future, after more than a year of painstaking creation, combined with the hard-core brain-burning science fiction plot, is presented on a high-tech and fashionable stage, bringing a multi-dimensional rich immersive viewing experience to the audience.

  The powerful musical actors Cai Peng, Cui Xiuli, Sun Bo, Zhu Fu, Sang Kezhou, Xu Mendi and other actors joined in, and many young dancers brought fashion and popular elements to the theater art.

Electronic, rock, hip-hop and other different forms of music will be presented in this musical.

  Stage artists Hu Yanjun, Zhang Ziqian, Tan Yingjie, etc. formed a professional technical team, using internationally advanced technology and hardware in stage design, costume design, multimedia video and sound and lighting design; the visual design of the musical is by Modern Sky mvm.

Joint presentation to create an immersive experience.